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magic lady

Magic Lady

Magic Lady comprised of:

Linda Stokes

Jackie Steele


Kimberly Ball

Magic Lady was the brainchild of singer and songwriter Linda Stokes, wife of Michael Stokes.

The all-girl group first signed to Arista for 'Magic Lady' (1980), including 'I Just Wanna Be Free', following which they moved on to A & M for 'Hot And Sassy' (1982), including the American r & b hit 'Hot And Sassy' and a cult U.K. soul track 'Hold Tight'.

On signing to Motown the group was reduced to just Linda Stokes and Jackie Ball.

A single 'Betcha Can't Lose With My Love' and album 'Magic Lady' were released in 1988.

Since that last release, the group has not recorded since, however 'Hold Tight' has been released on various UK rare groove compilations including 'Soul Souveniers'.

Linda Stokes website is

Real Player


Magic Lady (Arista Records 1980)

Hot N' Sassy (A&M Records 1982)

Magic Lady (Motown Records 1988)

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