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maceo parker

Maceo Parker

b. Maceo Parker, 14th February 1943, Kinston, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Maceo Parker is an American funk and soul jazz saxophonist.

He is best known for his work with James Brown in the 1960's and Seventies.

Maceo and his brother Melvin joined James Brown in 1964.

The siblings went on to form Maceo & All the King's Men by 1970.


doing their own thing - 1970 / funky music machine - 1972 / us - 1973 / say blow by blow backwards - 1979

In 1973, they released the album 'Us', which featured the much sampled 'Soul Power '74'.

In 1974, Maceo rejoined the James Brown stable.

In 1975, Maceo and Fred Wesley, left to join George Clinton's band Parliament/Funkadelic.

Maceo returned to James Brown again between 1984 and 1988.

He later began a solo career.

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Real Player


as Maceo And The King's Men:

Doing Their Own Thing (House Of Fox Records 1970)

Funky Music Machine (People Records 1974)

as Maceo:

Us (Polydor Records 1974)

as Maceo Parker:

For All The King's Men (4th & Broadway Records 1989)

Roots Revisited (Verve Records 1990)

Mo' Roots (Verve Records 1991)

Life On Planet Groove (Verve Records 1992)

Southern Exposure (Minor Records 1993)

Maceo - Soundtrack (Minor Records 1994)

Funk Overload (What Are Records 1998)

Dial M-A-C-E-O (What Are Records 2000)

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