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lynn white

Lynn White

b. Lynn White, 6th August 1953, Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.

Lynn White was born on the 6th of August, 1953 in Mobile, Alabama.

She was six years old when she began singing in church, and began her professional career during the late 1970's.

Lynn's debut single came in 1981 with 'Am I Too Much Woman for You'.

In 1982, she recorded the single 'I Don't Ever Want to See Your Face Again' for the Sho Me label.

The single was picked up by Willie Mitchell (best known for his work with Al Green), who reissued it on his Waylo Records.

Willie approached Lynn in for a few studio sessions, resulting in her remaining with Waylo for the duration of the 1980's.

In 1987, Lynn released the album 'Love & Happiness', which contained the modern mid-tempo gem 'See You Later, Bye'.

The following decade Lynn formed her own label, Chelsea, where she released 'The New Me' in 1990.

'Home Girl' followed in 1991, and two years later Lynn returned with 'Cheatin'.

In 1993, Lynn released a 12" single entitled 'I Don't Know Why', which became a highly sought after track on the U.K. Modern Soul Scene.

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Love & Happiness (Waylo Records 1987)

Yes I'm Ready (Waylo Records 1987)

Success (Waylo Records 1987)

Blues in My Bedroom (Waylo Records 1988)

Sorry (Waylo Records 1988)

Blues (Waylo Records 1990

Slow, Easy (Waylo Records 1990)

The New Me (Chelsea Records 1990)

Home Girl (Creative Funk Records 1991)

Cheatin (SOH Records 1993)

Take Your Time (Mms Records 1995)

Touching Me (BLT Records 1998)

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