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little beaver

Little Beaver

b. William George Hale, 15th August 1945, Forrest City, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Willie George Hale is also known as Little Beaver.

Willie is an American R&B guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Little BeaverLittle BeaverLittle BeaverLittle Beaver

joey - 1972 / party down - 1974 / black rhapsody - 1974 / when was the last time - 1976

He is best remembered for his Miami sound hit 'Party Down' (number 2 on the U.S. R&B chart).

Little BeaverLittle Beaver

beaver fever - 1980 / love and affection - 2008

His 1980 album 'Beaver Fever' featured his club hit 'Groove On'.

Willie returned to the studio in 2008 for the album 'Love and Affection'.

As a session musician, he can be heard on many hit TK recordings.

Little Beaver

Real Player


Joey (Cat Records 1972)

Black Rhapsody (Cat Records 1974)

Party Down (Cat Records 1975)

When Was The Last Time (Cat Records 1976)

Beaver Fever (Cat Records 1980)

Love & Affection (Essential Media Group Records 2008)

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