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Linda Tillery

b. Linda 'Tui' Tillery, 2nd September 1948, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Based in Oakland, California, Linda Tillery has made several albums to date.

With many of the tracks being co-penned with jazz artist Ray Obiedo, her best remembered album was entitled 'Secrets' with the title track being highly popular in the U.K.

'Secrets' was recorded for the independent U.S. label Redwood Records.

The Loading Zone

the loading zone

Linda had been singing since the 1960's, initially in a band called the Loading Zone.

Sweet Linda DivineLinda TillerySecretsShaking' A Tail Feather

sweet linda divine - 1970 / linda tillery - 1978 / secrets - 1985 / shakin' a tail feather - 1989


Her debut solo album was released in 1970 on CBS Records and was entitled 'Sweet Linda Divine'.

After spending much of the Seventies as a session drummer on various projects, Linda returned to the studio in 1978 for her second album 'Linda Tillery' for the Olivia Record label.

Linda has featured on various television commercials over the years.

By 1992, Linda had re-connected with her black roots and formed the Cultural Heritage Choir.

The Cultural Heritage Choir

the cultural heritage choir

The group includes Linda and vocalists Rhonda Benin, Elouise Burrell, Melanie DeMore, and Emma Jean Foster-Fiege.

Good Time A Good TimeFront Porch MusicSay Yo Business

good time a good time - 1995 / front porch music - 1997 / say yo business - 2001

Two albums followed entitled 'Good Time A Good Time' in 1995 and 'Front Porch Music' in 1997.

It will be, however, the 'Secrets' album that soul purists will regard as Linda's finest moment to date.

Linda Tillery

Real Player


as Linda Tillery:

Sweet Linda Divine (CBS Records 1970)

Linda Tillery (Olivia Records 1978)

Secrets (Redwood Records 1985)

Shakin' A Tail Feather (Music For Little People Records 1989)

with The Loading Zone:

The Loading Zone (RCA Records, 1968)

One for All (Umbrella Records, 1970)

with the Cultural Heritage Choir:

Good Time A Good Time (Tuiser Music Records 1995)

Front Porch Music (Rhino Records 1997)

Say Yo' Business: Live! (Rhino Records 2001)

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