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Formed in 1973, this blue-eyed soul band was made up from the remnants of several British groups.

Vocalists Dyan Birch, Paddie McHugh and Frank Collins were ex members of Arrival, a superior pop harmony band, while Neil Hubbard (guitar) and Alan Spenner (bass) had previously worked with Joe Cocker's Grease Band.

The line-up was completed by further formidable musicians, Tony O'Malley (piano), Jim Mullen (guitar), Terry Stannard (drums), Joan Linscott (congas) and journeyman saxophonist Mel Collins.

A popular live attraction, Kokomo's acclaimed debut album suggested a future akin to that of the Average White Band.

However, the group failed to sustain its promise and quickly ran out of inspiration, possibly because of the conflict of so many strong musical ideas and styles.

This line-up split in January 1977, but a reconstituted version of the band appeared on the London gig circuit in the early 80's and recorded one album.

The fluctuating activity of the group saw yet another reunion in the latter part of the 80's.

This incarnation faltered when Alan Spenner died in August 1991.

Real Player


Kokomo (Columbia 1975)

Rise And Shine! (Columbia 1976)

Kokomo (Columbia 1982)


Tony O'Malley Naked Flame (Jazz House 1995)

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