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kenny lattimore

Kenny Lattimore

b. Kenneth Lee Lattimore, 10th April 1970, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Kenny Lattimore is a U.S. Soul singer and songwriter from Washington, D.C.

Kenny is the husband of Chanté Moore.

Kenny LattimoreKenny LattimoreKenny LattimoreKenny Lattimore

kenny lattimore - 1996 / from the soul of the man - 1998 / weekend - 2001 / things that lovers do - 2003

Kenny LattimoreKenny Lattimore

uncovered - 2006 / timeless - 2008

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Kenny Lattimore (Columbia Records 1996)

From The Soul Of Man (Sony Records 1998)

Weekend (Arista Records 2001)

Things That Lovers Do (with Chanté Moore) (Arista Records 2003)

Days Like This. The Best Of Kenny Lattimore (Arista Records 2004)

Uncovered (with Chanté Moore) (Arista Records 2006)

Timeless (Verve Records 2008)

Back To Cool (Sincere Soul Records 2013)

Anatomy Of A Love Song (Sincere Soul Records 2015)

A Kenny Lattimore Christmas (Sincere Soul Records 2016)

Vulnerable (Proper W/S Records 2017)

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