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kellee patterson

Kellee Patterson

b. Kellee Patterson, Gary, Indiana, U.S.A.

Kellee Patterson grew up in Gary in Indiana and won several local talent contests with her Indiana neighbours, The Jacksons.

Kellee won the female awards, the Jacksons won the male ones!

All of these events happened when Kellee was five years old, however, by the age of sixteen, she was singing professionally.

When she attended college, she sang with a group called Groovy And The Electra's, who were, basically a rock band, however, Kellee got to sing the covers of Aretha Franklin and Glady's Knight tunes of the day.

Shortly after being in the band, Kellee won the Miss America Pageant in her home town.

This led to several recording contract offers.

After considering Motown, she signed to Gene Russell's Black Jazz Records label.

Here she cut an album called 'Maiden Voyage', which was based around the Herbie Hancock tune.

Following this release, Black Jazz decided to become a production company, so Russell signed Kellee to Shadybrook Records.

Here Kellee recorded one album called 'Kellee' in 1976.

That year she won a gold disc for the record 'If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It', along with awards as the 'Most Promising Female Singer' by Cashbox and Record World magazines.

Kellee, also acted in the United Kingdom, in a film entitled 'Demolition Man' starring Jimmy Helms.

'Kellee' was re-released in the UK in 1996, with her version of the Barry White tune, 'I'm Going To Love You A Little More', being highly popular.

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Maiden Voyage (Black Jazz Records 1974)

Kellee (Shadybrook Records 1976)

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