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johnnie ray

Johnnie Ray

b. John Alvin Ray, 10th January 1927, Hopewell, Oregon, U.S.A.

d. 24th February 1990, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Johnnie Ray was considered by historians, to be one of the pioneers of the transition from mainstream music, into, what would become R&B and Rock N'Roll.

Johnnie RayJohnnie RayJohnnie RayJohnnie Ray

johnnie ray - 1951 / at the london palladium - 1954 / the voice of your choice - 1955 / i cry for you - 1955

Johnnie RayJohnnie RayJohnnie RayJohnnie Ray

the big heat - 1957 / 'til morning - 1958 / on the trail - 1959 / a sinner am i - 1959

Real Player


Johnnie Ray (Columbia Records 1951)

At The London Palladium (Philips Records 1954)

I Cry For You (Columbia Records 1955)

Johnnie Ray (Epic Records 1955)

The Voice Of Your Choice (Philips Records 1955)

Johnnie Ray Sings The Big Beat (Columbia Records 1957)

Johnnie Ray At The Desert Inn In Las Vegas (Columbia Records 1959)

A Sinner Am I (Philips Records 1959)

Til Morning (Columbia Records 1959)

Johnnie Ray On The Trail (Columbia Records 1959)

I Cry For You (Liberty Records 1960)

Johnnie Ray (Liberty Records 1962)

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (Celebrity Records 1980)

Yesterday - The London Sessions 1976 (Celebrity Records 1993)

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