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john handy

John Handy

b. John Richard Handy III, 3rd February 1933, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Alto sax player, John Handy was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1933.

John Handy started playing alto in 1949.

After moving to New York in 1958, John began his career as an alto sax player in the early '60's with Charlie Mingus.

Shortly after he formed a quintet with Michael White recording 'Jazz At Monterey' (released by CBS).

Soon Handy was signed to Columbia where he recorded some of his finest work during 1966-68.

He has spent the majority of his life as a saxophone teacher, but is fondly remembered on the UK 'jazz funk' scene for his classic 'Hard Work' (1976) on the Impulse label.

'Hard Work' was also the title of the album which featured the single of the same name.

He also recorded albums for labels including MPS ('Karuna Supreme') and Warner Brothers ('Carnival' containing the very 'Hard Work' sounding, 'Watch Your Money Go').

During the Eighties he gigged and recorded with Mingus Dynasty and led a group, called Class, featuring three female violinists / singers.

Real Player


In the Vernacular (Roulette 1959)

No Coast Jazz (Roulette 1960)

Jazz (Roulette 1962)

Live at Monterey (Columbia 1965)

John Handy's Quintet (GHB 1966)

The 2nd John Handy Album (Columbia 1966)

John Handy (Columbia 1966)

New View (Columbia 1967)

Quote Unquote (Roulette 1967)

Projections (Columbia 1968)

Karuna Supreme (MPS 1975)

Hard Work (Impulse! 1976)

Carnival (ABC 1977)

Where Go the Boats (Warner 1978)

Rainbow (MPS 1981)

Excursion in Blue (Quartet 1988)

Centerpiece (Milestone 1989)

Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival (Koch Jazz 1996)

Live at Yoshi's Nightspot (Boulevard 1996)

Musical Dreamland (Boulevard 1996)

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