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jenny burton

Jenny Burton

b. a.k.a. Jeanne Burton, 18th November 1957, New York, New York State, U.S.A.

Jenny Burton was born in New York and raised as a foster child.

She became interested in the music business whilst still at high school.

By 1970, she had become a receptionist at the Bell Record Company.

At one recording session there, the producer required a singer and Jenny volunteered.

This led to a recording contract at Cotton Records.

Jenny BurtonJenny Burton

(nobody loves me) like you do do - 1975 / one more shot - 1983

Here she released one single entitled 'Nobody Loves Me Like I Do', a duet with Dooley Silverspoon, and various chores as a background singer.

In 1983 she recorded a single with the group C-Bank, entitled 'One More Shot', which led to a deal at Atlantic Records.

Jenny then married Peter Link, who was a major figure in the theatre world.

Peter was a songwriter and owned his own recording studio and publishing company.

Jenny BurtonJenny BurtonJenny BurtonJenny Burton

in black and white - 1984 / jenny burton - 1985 / souvenirs - 1986 / the jenny burton experience - 2005

Jenny then released her debut album 'In Black And White' and recorded a duet ballad with Patrick Jude called 'Strangers In A Strange World' that was featured in the movie 'Beat Street'.

In 1985 the album 'Jenny Burton' was released and featured the dance hit 'Bad Habits', an Allen George & Fred McFarlane composition / production.

Her UK chart entry from the album, however, was 'Let's Get Back To Love' which made the Top 70.

'Souvenirs' was released in 1986 and was produced by John Luongo and her husband Peter Link.

The album featured her version of the Stevie Wonder / Aretha Franklin melody 'Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do).

Jenny Burton

i think on these things - 2007

Her husband, Peter Link, currently runs her label Watchfire Music.

Jenny Burton

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In Black And White (Atlantic Records 1983)

Jenny Burton (Atlantic Records 1985)

Souvenirs (Atlantic Records 1986)

The Jenny Burton Experience (Original Cast Records 2005)

I Think On These Things (Watchfire Records 2007)

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