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jean wells

Jean Wells

b. Jean Wells, 1st August 1942, West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

Jean Wells was born in Florida and was raided in Belgrade in the county.

She started out singing in several gospel groups, moving into the secular arena in the early Sixties.

Jean then began performing in clubs, after relocating to Philadelphia.

Jean WellsJean Wells

don't come running to me b/w little boots - 1965 / after loving you b/w putting the best on the outside - 1967

She made her recording debut in 1965, after signing with ABC Records, where she released ‘Don't Come Running To Me’ b/w ‘Little Boots’.

The following year she signed to the Quaker Town imprint, which realised two singles in 1966, which were ‘Sharing Your Love’ b/w ‘Song Of The Bells’ and ‘If He’s A Good Man’ b/w ‘Welcome Home’.

Jean recorded one side for the eastern Records imprint, before being discovered by the producer Clyde Otis.

Clyde arranged for her to be signed to the New York-based Calla Records in 1967 and she immediately had success with the single ‘After Loving You’ b/w ‘Putting The Best On The Outside’ (number 31 R&B).

Jean WellsJean Wells

world! here comes jean wells - 1968 / number one - 1981

Further singles followed that year, ‘I Feel Good’ b/w ‘I'm In Your Corner’ (number 33 R&B) and ‘Have A Little Mercy’ b/w ‘With My Love And What You've Got (We Could Turn The World Around)’ (number 25 R&B).

Jean recorded 8 sides for Calla Records between 1967 and 1968.

She went on to record sides for several labels including Volaire, Law-Ton, Canyon, Tec and Sunshine.

Jean Wells

Jean Wells

Real Player


World Here Comes Jean Wells (Sonet Records 1969)

Number One (Sunshine Records 1981)

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