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'brother' jack mcduff

'Brother' Jack McDuff

b. Eugene McDuffy, 17th September 1926, Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 23rd January 2001, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Jack McDuff was an excellent bandleader and organist on the Hammond B-3.

He began as a bassist playing with Denny Zeitlin and Joe Farrell.

Jack studied privately in Cinncinnati and worked with Johnny Griffin in Chicago.

He taught himself organ and piano in the mid-'50's, and began gaining attention working with Willis Jackson in the late '50's and early '60's, recording soul jazz sides for Prestige.

Jack made his recording debut as a leader for Prestige in 1960, playing in a studio pickup band with Jimmy Forrest.

They made the albums, 'Tough Duff' and 'The Honeydripper'.

Jack organized his own band the next year, featuring Harold Vick and drummer Joe Dukes.

Jack then hired a young guitarist named George Benson.

They were among the most popular combo's of the mid-'60's, and made several albums.

Jack's later groups at Atlantic and Cadet weren't seen as of the quality of The Benson band, while later dates for Verve and Cadet were generally seen as of a high standard.

He experimented with electronic keyboards and fusion during the '70's, then in the '80's got back in the groove with the Muse session Cap'n Jack.

Other musicians McDuff played with in the '60's and '70's include Joe Henderson, Pat Martino, Jimmy Witherspoon, David "Fathead" Newman, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Sonny Stitt and Gene Ammons.

There are only a few McDuff sessions available on CD, though they include the fine sessions with Forrest.

His work with Benson has also been reissued on CD.

For soul and Jazz Funk fans, McDuff's period in the seventies and early eighties will endure with the releases 'Sophisticated Funk' and 'Kisses' on the Sugarhill label.

Jack McDuff died Tuesday 23rd January 2001 of an apparent heart attack.

He was 74.

Real Player


Jack McDuff Plays for Beautiful People (Prestige 1960)

Rock Candy (Prestige 1960)

Brother Jack (Prestige 1960)

Tough 'Duff (Original Jazz 1960)

The Honeydripper (Original Jazz 1961)

Goodnight, It's Time to Go (Prestige 1961)

Steppin' Out (Prestige 1961)

Sanctified (Prestige 1961)

On With It (Prestige 1961)

Mellow Gravy (Prestige 1962)

Brother Jack Meets the Boss (Original Jazz 1962)

Screamin' (Original Jazz 1962)

Somethin' Slick (Prestige 1963)

Hallelujah Time! (Prestige 1963)

The Midnight Sun (Prestige 1963)

Brother Jack McDuff Live! (Prestige 1963)

Brother Jack Live! at the Jazz Workshop (Prestige 1963)

Dynamic! (Prestige 1964)

The Concert McDuff Recorded Live! (Prestige 1964)

Silken Soul (Prestige 1964)

I Got A Woman (Prestige 1964)

Prelude (Prestige 1964)

Soul Circle (Prestige 1964)

Hot Barbeque (Prestige 1965)

Walk On By (Prestige 1966)

A Change Is Gonna Come (Atlantic 1966)

Tobacco Road (Atlantic 1966)

Do It Now! (Atlantic 1966)

Brother Jack & David Newman: Double... (Atlantic 1967)

Getting Our Thing Together (Cadet 1968)

The Natural Thing (MCA 1968)

Moon Rappin' (Blue Note 1969)

Gin And Orange (Cadet 1969)

Down Home Style (Blue Note 1969)

To Seek a New Home (Blue Note 1970)

Who Knows What Tomorrow's (Blue Note 1970)

Sophisticated Funk (MCA 1976)

Kisses (Sugar Hill 1982)

The Re-Entry (32 Jazz 1988)

Another Real Good'un (Muse 1989)

Color Me Blue (Concord Jazz 1991)

Hot Barbeque: Live (BGP 1993)

Write On, Capt'n (Concord Jazz 1993)

Live (Prestige 1994)

The Heatin' System (Cadet 1994)

Hot BBQ (BGP 1995)

It's About Time (Concord Jazz 1995)

That's The Way I Feel About It (Concord Jazz 1996)

Jack-Pot (Red 1997)

Bringin It Home (Concord Jazz 1999)

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