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Formed 1981 in London, England.

Disbanded 1990.

Imagination were a British trio from the '80's.

Imagination comprised of:

Leee John, b. John Lesley McGregor, 23rd June 1957, Hackney, London, England (vocals)

Ashley Ingram, b. 27th November 1960, Northampton, England (guitar)


Errol Kennedy, b. Montego Bay, West Indies

Imagination were one of the most successful British funk bands of the early 80's.

The group were formed by Leee (of St. Lucian descent), who was educated in New York, where he also became a backing vocalist for the Delfonics and Chairmen Of The Board.

Leee met Ashley, who played bass for both bands, and they formed a duo called Fizzz.

Returning to England, Leee, who had already appeared on 'Junior Showtime' as a child, enrolled at the Anna Scher Theatre School where he studied drama.

Errol was a singer with Jamaican bands and was taught the drums through the Boys Brigade and later the Air Training Corps band.

He had also spent some time in the soul group Midnight Express.

Errol met Leee and Ashley in early 1981, after which they formed Imagination as a pop / soul three-piece.


body talk - 1981 / in the heat of the night - 1982 / scandalous - 1983 / night dubbing - 1983

They made an impact quickly with their debut single 'Body Talk', and further Tony Swain-produced hits followed, including U.K. Top 5 entries with 'Just An Illusion' and 'Music And Lights'.

By 1984 the band took a sebatacle, when John returned to acting.

He had already appeared in the Dr Who story 'Enlightenment' in 1983.


closer - 1987 / the fascination of the physical - 1992

Having switched to RCA Records in 1986, Imagination made a comeback in 1988 with 'Instinctual'.

A 1987 single, 'The Last Time' showed a maturing quality within the groups music, with the track being produced by the veteran, Nick Martinelli.

Leee played a part in a television series in 2003 featuring artists performing abroad, entitled 'Reborn In The U.S.A.'.

you can check Leee's website right here

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Body Talk (R&B Records 1981)

In the Heat of the Night (R&B Records 1982)

Night Dubbing (R&B Records 1983)

Scandalous (R&B Records 1983)

New Dimension (Elektra Records 1984)

Imagination Gold (Red Bus Records 1984)

Closer (RCA Records 1987)

Just An Illusion (Unidisc Records 1989)

Like It Is (RCA Records 1989)

Trilogy (Import Records 1998)

The Best of Imagination (Arcade Records 1988)

The Fascination Of The Physical (New Music International Records 1992)

The Very Best of Imagination (Import Records 1998)

Best of Imagination: Just an Illusion (Import Records 2000)

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