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idris muhammed

Idris Muhammed

b. Leo Morris, 13th November, 1939, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Idris Muhammed was born Leo Morris in New Orleans in 1939, (taking this name from an Islamic prophet).

Idris became a professional when he was 16, establishing himself as a top-class session drummer / percussionist during the '50's.

During this time he performed with rock & roll singer Larry Williams while also recording on hits including 'Raindrops' (Dee Clark) and 'Chapel Of Love' (The Dixie Cups).

In 1961 he became the drummer personally requested by Sam Cooke, and worked in both New York and Chicago, hooking up with Curtis Mayfleld to be the drummer on 'People Get Ready' (The Impressions) and 'Keep On Pushing' (Jerry Butler) amongst others.

He played primarily soul and R & B during 1962-64 and then spent 1965-67 as a member of Lou Donaldson's band.

Idris was the house drummer at Prestige Records (1970-72), appearing on many albums as a sideman.

He later played drums with Emerson Lake & Palmer and Roberta Flack while taking on session work for the CTI label in New Jersey.

The company's subsidiary label Kudu signed him as a solo artist, his debut album theere being 'Power Of Soul' (1974), featuring Bob James and Grover Washington Jr.

In 1977 he made his greatest impact on the UK jazz funk scene with a Kudu album 'Turn This Mutha Out', including 'Could Heaven Ever Be Like This'.

Idris later recorded albums including 'Make It Count', 'Boogie To The Top', 'House Of The Rising Sun' and 'For Your Love' (1980) for the Prestige / Fantasy labels.

Many of the other artists that he worked with included playing with Johnny Griffin (1978-79), Pharoah Sanders in the 1980's, George Coleman and the Paris Reunion Band (1986-88).

As a session drummer, Idris recorded with many artists including Bob James (on 'Touchdown', 'Lucky Seven' and 'The Genie'), Pharaoh Sanders, Charles Earland and Dexter Wansel.

His son is ldris Muhammad Jr., who is a member of the group A.R.B.

Idris Muhammed

Real Player


Black Rhythm Revolution (Prestige Records 1970)

Peace & Rhythm (Prestige Records 1971)

Power of Soul (Kudu Records 1974)

Idris Muhammad (Kudu Records 1976)

House of the Rising Sun (Kudu Records 1976)

Turn This Mutha Out (Kudu Records 1977)

Boogie to the Top (Kudu Records 1978)

You Aint No Friend of Mine (Fantasy Records 1978)

Fox Huntin' (Fantasy Records 1979)

Make It Count (Fantasy Records 1980)

Kabsha (Theresa Records 1980)

My Turn (Lipstick Records 1993)

Right Now (Cannonball Records 1998)

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