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hues corporation

Hues Corporation

Formed in 1969 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

The Hues Corporation were:

St. Clair Lee (b. Bernard St. Clair Lee, 24th April 1944, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. d. 8th March 2011, 150 E. Lakeshore Drive, Lake Elsinore, California, U.S.A.)

Flemming Williams (b. 1953, Flint, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 15th February 1998)


Hubert Ann Kelley (b. 24th April 1947, Fairfield, Alabama, U.S.A.)

The Hues Corporation took their name from Los Angeles aviation giant Hughes Corp., owned by Howard Hughes, and was a humorous play on words.

They were formed in 1969 by Bernard, soprano Hubert Ann Kelly and tenor Flemming Williams.

Bernard was born in San Francisco in 1944 and attended Santa Monica College.

When he was born his surname was written down as St. Clair, however it should have been spelt 'Sinclair'.

His mother decided to leave the name as it was written by the hospital.

Hues Corporation

Bernard was the baritone singer within the group, whose main chart hit came in 1974 with their chart topper 'Rock The Boat'.

The early incarnation of the Hues Corporation's line-up comprised of three singers and three sidemen.

The sidemen were Joey Rivera from the group the Checkmates, Monti Lawston, and Bob 'Bullet' Bailey formerly of the group the Leaves.


blacula 1972

In 1972, they contributed to the blaxploitation film, 'Blacula', starring William Marshall.

Freedom For The StallionRockin' Soul

freedom for the stallion - 1973 / rockin' soul - 1974

In 1973, they released the single and album 'Freedom For the Stallion', which was poorly promoted.


Black music stations thought the single sounded 'too white', whilst white music stations 'didn't understand the song', Bernard Lee stated at a later date.

Hues Corporation

'Rock the Boat' changed the popularity of the group completely, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Chart.

'Rock the Boat' was followed by other popular releases including 'Rockin' Soul'.

Love CorporationNot So Shabby

love corporation - 1975 / not so shabby - 1976

The Hues Corporation worked with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Milton Berle, Nancy Sinatra and Glen Campbell.
Ann later left the group to become a minister, whilst Flemming sadly passed away.

Your Place Or Mine

i caught your act - 1977 / your place or mine - 1978

They finally disbanded in 1978.

In 1998, Flemming sadly passed away, following a long illness.

Bernard had recently been performing a revamped Hues Corporation featuring Elaine Woodard and Bruce Glover.

He died on Tuesday the 8th of March 2011, at his home in Lake Elsinore in California, from natural causes.

He was found unresponsive in his home at 150 E. Lakeshore Drive at around 8:30 a.m.

Hues CorporationPoster

Real Player


Freedom For The Stallion (RCA Records 1973)

Rockin' Soul (RCA Records 1974)

Love Corporation (RCA Records 1975)

Not So Shabby (RCA Records 1976)

I Caught Your Act (Warners Records1977)

Your Place Or Mine (Warners Records 1978)

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