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graham central station

Graham Central Station

Formed in San Francisco in late 1972 by:

Larry Graham (b. 14th August 1946, Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A) (bassist in Sly And The Family Stone.)


David Vega (lead guitar)

Hershall Kennedy (keyboards)

Willie Sparks

and Patrice Banks (both drums)

Under Construction

Real Player


Graham Central Station (Warners 1974)

Release Yourself (Warners 1974)

Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It (Warners 1975)

Mirror (Warners 1976)

Now Do U Wanta Dance (Warners 1977)

As Larry Graham & Graham Central Station:

My Radio Sure Sounds Good To Me (Warners 1978)

Star Walk (Warners 1979)

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