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gloria bare

Gloria Bare

texts by kind permission of gloria bare

b. Gloria Bare, 26th March, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

Gloria Bare hails from Cincinnati and has been in the music industry for over 20 years.

Her first album, 'From the Heart', released on JWP Records in 1985, is a cult favorite in Europe with the underground music scene.

Gloria Bare 45 from the heart b/w music to make love by - 1985 single

Gloria's new project 'Full Circle' is a culmination of a life lived with song and artistry.

HB Barnum, the renowned producer, arranger, and composer is adding his elite style and genius to make this a truly intrinsic album.

Lee Thornburg (currently of the Tonight Show’s onstage band) is onboard with horn arrangements for 'Baby Love' and 'It Won’t Be Long', as well as lending his talent on trumpet, bass trumpet, and flugelhorn.

Vernon Porter (currently of the jazz ensemble Above the Clouds) is an astounding addition on bass guitar and is adding his personal creative touch through his co-producing.

This release scheduled for late 2009 is definitely something you find refreshing and different from anything currently on the market today.

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From The Heart (JWP Records 1985)

Full Circle (forthcoming 2009)

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