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Gerald LeVertGerald LeVert

b. Gerald LeVert, 13th July 1966, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

d. 10th November 2006, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Born on the 13th of July 1966, Gerald will, inevitably be remembered as the son of the O'Jays vocal group frontman, Eddie LeVert, however, Gerald was a respected vocalist in his own right.

During the 1980's Gerald was the helmsman of the vocal ensemble LeVert, who scored a major Soul Music hit with the song 'Pop, Pop, Pop Goes My Heart'.

The group also scored another major hit with the song 'Casanova'.

Following his departure from the band, Gerald became a substantial Soul Star in his own right, achieving success with the songs, 'I'd Give Anything (To Fall In Love)' and 'Mr. Too Damn Good To You'.

He also worked with Chris Rock on the song 'No Sex (In The Champagne Room)'.

In 2004, Gerald released 'Do I Speak For The World', a social diatribe that saw a musical maturiy beyond his years.

Gerald LeVert died at the youthful age of 40.

He had suffered a heart attack in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio.

Gerald LeVertGerald LeVertGerald LeVertGerald LeVertGerald LeVertEddie & Gerald LeVert

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