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general crook

General Crook

b. General Columbus Crook, 28th February 1945, Mound Bayou, Mississippi, U.S.A.

General Columbus Crook was born in Mississippi.

He was raised in nearby Greenville, relocating to Chicago in 1963.

General CrookGeneral Crook

'Hold On! I'm Comin' b/w 'When Love Leaves You Crying' - 1969 / 'In The Warmth Of My Arms' b/w 'Turn On...' - 1969

General first recorded for Capitol Records in 1969, which included 'Hold On! I'm Comin' b/w 'When Love Leaves You Crying'.

At the Down To Earth label, he recorded 'Gimme Some Pt's 1&2' (number 22 R&B), in 1970.

That was followed by 'What Time It Is Pts 1&2' (number 31 R&B), in 1971.

His self titled album contained the singles, 'Tell Me What Cha Gonna Do (When You Want To Be Loved)' b/w 'Reality' (in 1974) and 'Fever In The Funkhouse' b/w 'Instrumental' (also in 1974), for the Wand Records imprint.

General then began producing performers, including Syl Johnson and Willie Clayton.

He sometimes took time out to release his own singles, including 'In This Thing Called Love' b/w 'I've Been Good To You' and 'Mainsqueeze' b/w 'I Can't Stand It' amongst others.

General CrookGeneral Crook

general crook - 1974 / tell me - 1993

Real Player


General Crook (Wand Records 1974)

Tell Me (P-Vine Records 1993)

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