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GQ were formed in New York and comprised of:

Emmanuel Rahiem LeBlanc (guitar and lead vocals)

Keith 'Sabu' Crier (bass and vocals b. 1955, The Bronx, New York, U.S.A. d. 29th September 2013, The Bronx, New York, U.S.A.)

Paul Service (drums and vocals) 1978 - 1979

Kenny Banks (vocals) 1979 - 1980

Steve Adorno (drummer and vocals) 1980 - 2010


Herb Lane (keyboards and vocals)

The group GQ were formed from previous musical incarnations, including the group the Rhythm Makers.

The name 'GQ' stood for 'good quality'.

Rhythm Makers Line Up

GQ were, reportedly, to have the artist Keith Sweat in their line-up, however, this is not true. This Keith 'Sabu' Crier was his uncle.

He was also the son of Arthur Crier, who sang doo-wop in his group The Halo's.

Keith Sweat was born in 1961 and would have been 15, if that was the case, whilst recording with the Rhythm Makers.

Emmanuel was previously a member of the group Sabu and the Survivors and the groups Sons Of Darkness, Third Chance before arriving at the Rhythm Makers incarnation.

Soul On Your Side

Their one album 'Soul On Your Side' produced the dancefloor smash 'Zone', which became popular on both sides of the Atlantic in 1976.

Kenny Banks then departed the ranks of the Rhythm Makers and the group enlisted the services of Paul Service and became the band 'GQ', a name suggested by the group's manager Tony Lopez.

On playing their material to Beau Ray Fleming, they were invited to perform in a Bronx basement to Larkin Arnold, who was the Vice President at the Arista imprint at the time.

They were, reportedly, asked to perform the song 'Disco Nights' several times at the managements request.

The group were enlisted to the Arista roster and they began recording an album of the same name, with encouragement from Roberta Flack.

'Disco Nights' gave the group a Top 100 single in the U.S. and a number 42 hit across the Atlantic.

After a second album, which included the popular dancer 'GQ Down', Paul Service left the group, who then became a trio.

G.Q.A Tribute To Marvin Gaye and Billy Stewart

gq / tribute to marvin gaye and billy stewart

One more album, entitled 'Face To Face', followed in 1981, which included the hit 'Shake'.

They recorded one final single in 1984, 'You Are The One For Me', for the independent Stadium label.

In 1999, the group released an album entitled 'A Tribute To Marvin Gaye and Billy Stewart' on the ITP imprint.

In 2013, Keith Sabu Crier passed away at the age of 58.

Real Player


Disco Nights (Arista Records 1979)

GQ Two (Arista Records 1980)

Face To Face (Arista Records 1981)

Tribute to Marvin Gaye & Billy Stewart (ITP Records 1999)

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