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frederick knight

Frederick Knight

b. Frederick Douglas Knight, 15th August 1944, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

Frederick Knight is a singer, songwriter and producer, from Birmingham, Alabama.

He releases much of his own product through his own companies.

These are: Every-Knight Music, Knight-After-Knight Music, Two-Knight Music, or Two Knight Publishing Co.

Frederick KnightFrederick KnightFrederick KnightFrederick Knight

i've been lonely for so long - 1973 / knight kap - 1977 / let the sun shine in - 1978 / knight time - 1981

At Stax Records he had a U.K. hit single with, 'I've Been Lonely For So Long', in 1972.

When Stax closed, he launched his own Juana Records imprint in the mid Seventies.

Frederick had some success with the song, 'I Betcha Didn't Know That'.

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I've Been Lonely For So Long (Stax Records 1972)

Knight Kap (Juana Records 1977)

Let The Sunshine In (Juana Records 1978)

Knight Time (Juana Records 1981)

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