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Freda Payne

b. Freda Charcilia Payne, 19th September 1942, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Freda Payne is most fondly remembered for her huge international hit entitled 'Band Of Gold' in 1970, which reached the number one spot on the U.K. charts that year.

Prior to her association with the Holland/Dozier/Holland Invictus imprint, Freda had honed her skills as a songstress in the traditional Jazz environment.

Freda attended Detroit Institute of Musical Arts, and also worked with Pearl Bailey.

Slightly Out Of TunePretty Boy

slightly out of tune - 1962 / pretty boy - 1963

Originally signed with the ABC Paramount imprint, Freda released two 45's for the label, namely 'Slightly Out Of Tune (Desafinado)' b/w 'He Who Laughs Last', in 1962, and 'Pretty Boy' b/w 'Grin And Bear It' in 1963.

After The LightsIn StockholmHow Do YouBand Of Gold

after the lights go down low - 1963 / in stockholm - 1965 / how do you say I don't love you anymore - 1966 / band of gold - 1970

She then relocated to the Impulse imprint in 1963 for her first album release 'After The Lights Go Down And Much More'.

Freda then released a live album entitled 'Freda Payne In Stockholm for U.S.A. Records in 1965, before signing to MGM records for her 'How Do You Say I Don't Love You' in 1966 (featuring the Northern Soul favourite 'On Easy Street').

She also made the occasional guest appearances on television shows including 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' and worked on stage understudying Leslie Uggams for the Broadway show 'Hallelujah Baby' during 1967.

In 1969 Freda signed with the newly formed Invictus Records imprint, under the Holland/Dozier/Holland umbrella at the label.

Her first recording, 'The Unhooked Generation' b/w 'Easiest Way To Fall', introducing a newer and more fluid Soul style.

Her follow up release, 'Band Of Gold' b/w 'Easiest Way To Fall' (in 1970), laid down a marker for her following career, topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

ContactLet It Be MeLet It Be MeReaching Out

contact - 1971 / let it be me - U.S. - 1971 / let it be me - U.K. - 1971 / Reaching Out -1973

Between 1969 and 1973, Freda released several singles for Invictus including, 'Deeper And Deeper' b/w 'The Unhooked Generation' in 1970, 'You Brought The Joy' b/w 'Suddenly It's Yesterday' in 1971, and 'Bring The Boys Home' b/w I Shall Not Be Moved' in 1971 , an anti-Vietnam diatribe.

Payne & PleasureOut Of Payne Comes LoveStares & WhispersSupernatural High

payne and pleasure - 1974 / out of payne comes love - 1975 / stares and whispers - 1977 / supernatural high - 1978

On leaving Invictus, Freda recorded for several labels from 1974 onwards, including ABC, Sutra and Capitol Records.

Her seventies releases were generally unsuccessful commercially, although each release contained one recording that would help Freda achieve a status as a sought after 'rare groove' recording artist.

In 1977 Freda recorded a duet entitled 'I Wanna See You Soon' with her Capitol stablemates Tavares.

HotChristmas With FredaCome See About Me

hot - 1979 / christmas with freda and friends - 1996 / come see about me - 2001 / on the inside - 2007

Freda also moved into television work and would later host a syndicated talk show, 'Today's Black Woman' in 1981.In 1982, she recorded a single entitled 'In Motion' for the Sutra label in New York.

In 1986, she recorded a remake of her old hit 'Band of Gold' with the artist Belinda Carlisle.

In 1990, she recorded for Ian Levine's Motor City label, releasing the singles 'Band of Gold', 'Memories and Souvenirs', and 'Only Minutes Away'.

In 2001, Freda released a new album entitled 'Come See About Me' for the Volt Records label (the title track is a remake of The Supremes hit).

Freda's sister is Scherrie Payne of the group The Supremes and was married to the artist Gregory Abbott.

In 2009 Freda appeared on American Idol and sang 'Band of Gold'.

In 2010 Freda participated in the We Are The World project for Haiti Relief.

In 2011, she is touring and singing with Sir Cliff Richard in the United Kingdom.

Freda Payne

Real Player


After The Lights Go Down And Much More (Impulse Records 1963)

Freda Payne In Stockholm (U.S.A. Records 1965)

How Do You Say I Don't Love You Anymore (MGM Records 1966)

Band Of Gold (Invictus Records 1970)

Let It Be Me (MGM Records 1971)

Contact (Invictus Records 1971)

Reaching Out (Invictus Records 1973)

Payne And Pleasure (Dunhill Records 1974)

Out Of Payne Comes Love (ABC Records 1975)

Stares And Whispers (Capitol Records 1977)

Supernatural High (Capitol Records 1978)

Hot (Capitol Records 1979)

I Hate Barney (Dove Records 1995)

An Evening With Freda Payne: Live in Concert (Independent Nat'l Di Records 1996)

Christmas With Freda and Friends (Independent Nat'l Di Records 1996)

Live in Concert (Varese Sarabande Records 1999)

Lost In Love (MCA Special Products Records 2000)

Come See About Me (Volt Records 2001)

On the Inside (CD Baby Records 2007)

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