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Frank McComb

b. Frank McComb, 15th July 1970, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

Soul and jazz singer / keyboardist Frank McComb was born in Cleveland on 15th July 1970, beginning his piano studies at age 12 and forming his first trio five years later.

His professional break followed in 1991, when he was utilised as musical director for the R & B group Rude Boys, subsequently backing DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince in the studio and on tour, in late 1992.

Buckshot LeFonque

musical evolution (feat. 'another day') - 1997

Frank signed to the Mojazz label, and in 1994 collaborated with Branford Marsalis on his jazz-rap fusion project Buckshot LeFonque in 1997.

The track 'Another Day' proved popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

Frank recorded two projects of unreleased material for the Motown Records label.

Frank McCombFrank McCombFrank McCombFrank McComb

love stories - 2000 / the truth - 2003 / straight from the vault - 2004 / the 1995 bootleg - 2006

The solo 'Love Stories' followed in early 2000 and contained the tracks 'Future Love' and 'Love Natural'.

In 2003, he returned to the scene with the U.K. Expansion Records release, 'The Truth'.

Frank McComb

'Straight From The Vault' was released in 2005, followed by a U.K. showcase at London's Cafe De Paris.

In 2006, Frank released his unreleased Motown album, under the title of 'The 1995 Bootleg'.

Frank McCombFrank McCombFrank McCombFrank McComb

the truth vol. 2 - 2006 / a tribute to the masters - 2007 / a new beginning - 2010 / the living room - 2012

A new album, entitled 'A New Beginning' was released on his own label in 2010, followed by 'The Living Room' in 2012.

Frank McCombFrank McComb

live at the bitter end - 2013 / soulmate: another love story - 2016

In 2014, Frank released a live album, decidcated to the late Donny Hathaway, followed by 'Soulmate: Another Love Story' in 2016.

The similarities between McComb and the late Donny Hathaway are not misplaced.

He has also been likened to Stevie Wonder. High praise indeed.

Frank McComb

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Love Stories (Sony Jazz 2000)

The Truth (Expansion Records 2003)

Straight From The Vault (Boobeescoot Music 2005)

The 1995 Bootleg (Boobeescoot Music 2006)

A Tribute To The Masters (Boobeescoot Music 2007)

A New Beginning (Boobeescoot Music 2010)

The Living Room (Boobeescoot Music 2012)

Remembering Donny Hathaway: Live At The Bitter End (Boobeescoot Music 2013)

Soulmate: Another Love Story (Boobeescoot Music 2016)

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