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five du-tones

5 Du-Tones

The Five Dutones were formed in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A, around 1957.

At various times, the group comprised:

Andrew Butler (lead)

Robert Hopkins (group founder)

Leroy Joyce (1st tenor)

Willie Guest (bass)

James West (2nd Tenor. d. 1963, U.S.A.)


Oscar Watson

Andrew Butler kindly contributed his recollections to this page, which are a good place to begin the group's historical details:

The group began in 1955, formed by Robert Hopkins in St. Louis as The Du-Tones.

Robert never recorded with the group.

He had been replaced by Frank McCurry.

Oscar Watson was a member of the group, also, however he refused to relocate to Chicago, thus never recording with them either.

They added the 5 to their name when they heard about The Dootones in California.

They sent for a member of a group called The Originals (Andrew Butler) to replace Oscar.

The members of the group featured on 'Shake A Tail Feather' were:

Andrew Butler (lead)

James West (2nd tenor) (d. 1963, U.S.A.)

Leroy Joyce (1st tenor)

Frank McCurry (1st tenor and lead)


Willie Guest (bass).

The group went their seperate ways in 1966.

Andrew Butler then relocated to California and was recorded as a solo by Ray Charles in 1968.

Wally Roker (former bass of The Heartbeats) and Monk Higgins had introduced him to Ray Charles.

Ray released 'Coming Apart At The Seams' on him as Andy Butler.

Andrew Butler later spent 20 yrs as a member of The Rivingtons.

additional notes:

In 1963, the group signed to the One-derful Records imprint, and released several 45’s up until 1966.

Five DuTonesFive DuTonesFive DuTonesFive DuTones

shake a tail feather b/w divorce court - 1963 / the gouster b/w monkey see, monkey do - 1964 / sweet lips b/w let me love you - 1965 / mountain of love b/w outside the record hop - 1966

These early 45’s included ‘Please Change Your Mind’, and ‘Come Back Baby’.

Their 1963 single, ‘Shake a Tail Feather’ received a great deal of airplay, reaching number 28 on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart, and number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100.

James West died from heart failure in 1963, and was replaced by David Scott (once of the group The Exciters).

The group released the singles ‘The Gouster’ b/w ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’, which was followed by ‘Nobody But (My Baby)’ and ‘The Cool Bird’.

In 1965 they released the singles ‘Sweet Lips’ and ‘The Woodbine Twine’, finally releasing ‘Mountain of Love’ in 1966.

The Five Du-Tones disbanded in 1966.

Their song ‘Shake a Tail Feather’ was featured on the soundtrack of the 1988 film ‘Hairspray’.

Frank McCurry went on to become part of the Seventies group, South Shore Commission.

Five Dutones

Real Player


One-Derful 4811 - Please Change Your Mind / The Flea - 1963 

One-Derful 4814 - Come Back Baby / Dry Your Eyes – 1963

One-Derful 4815 - Shake A Tail Feather / Divorce Court - 1963

One-Derful 4818 - The Gouster / Monkey See - Monkey Do – 1964

One-Derful 4821 - Nobody But (My Baby) / Thats How I Love You – 1964

One-Derful 4824 - The Cool Bird / The Chicken Astronaut – 1964

One-Derful 4828 - Sweet Lips / Let Me Love You – 1965

One-Derful 4831 - We Want More / The Woodbine Twine – 1965

One-Derful 4836 - Mountain Of Love / Outside The Record Hop – 1966

Lost Nite Ln-196 - Shake A Tail Feather / Divorce Court


The Five Du-Tones (Ring Of Stars Records 1996)

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