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first choice

First Choice

First Choice comprised of:

Rochelle Fleming (b. 11th February 1950, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

Joyce Jones (b. 30th July 1949, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)


Annette Guest (b. 19th November 1954, Chester, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

First Choice were formed in Philadelphia in the early Seventies.

They originally performed under the group name, the Debonettes.

They signed to the Philly Groove imprint, after changing their name, and worked with the producer, Norman Harris.

In 1973, they released the hit song 'Armed and Extremely Dangerous', which reached number 11 R&B that year.

First ChoiceFirst ChoiceFirst ChoiceFirst Choice

armed and extremely dangerous - 1973 / the player - 1974 / so let us entertain you - 1976 / delusions - 1977

Further hits followed, including 'Smarty Pants' (in 1973), 'The Player' (in 1974), 'Love Thang' (in 1979), 'Let No Man Put Asunder (in 1983)' and 'Dr. Love' (in 1977).

In 1976, and they released an album, entitled 'So Let Us Entertain You'.

In 1977, Joyce Jones left the group and was replaced by Ursula Herring.

First Choice then switched labels to the Gold Mind imprint.

Their fiest single at the label was 'Doctor Love', which went to number 23 R&B in 1977.

First ChoiceFirst Choice

hold your horses - 1980 / breakaway - 1980

They released an album entitled 'Delusions', which was followed by 'Hold Your Horses' in 1979.

That year, Debbie Martin replaced Ursula Herring.

In 1987, Rochelle re-formed First Choice with new members, Laconya Fleming (her cousin) and Lawrence Cottel.

During the coming years, Rochelle Fleming continued to record and perform in the U.S. and Europe.

First Choice were utilised by house music deejays, including Todd Terry and The Jungle Brothers.

'Let No Man Put Asunder' was later covered by Mary J. Blige on her 'Mary' album in 1999.

Real Player


Armed And Extremely Dangerous (Philly Groove Records 1973)

Smarty Pants (Philly Groove Records 1974)

So Let Us Entertain You (Warners Records 1976)

Delusions (Gold Mind Records 1977)

Dr Love (Gold Mind Records 1977)

Hold Your Horses (Gold Mind Records 1979)

Breakaway (Salsoul Records 1980)

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