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the ebony's

The Ebony's

The Ebony's were formed in Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

The group comprised of:

Jenny Holmes

David Beasley

James Tuten


Clarence Vaughan

Formed in 1968, the Ebonys were discovered by Leon Huff,.

He had seen them at a local nightclub.

The EbonysThe Ebonys

don't knock me b/w can't get enough / you're the reason why b/w sexy ways - 1971

In 1969, they were signed to the Soul Clock imprint, releasing 'Can't Get Enough' b/w 'Don't Knock Me' that year.

They then switched labels to the Philadelphia International Records imprint.

The Ebonys achieved their first hit with 'You're the Reason Why' b/w 'Sexy Ways', a number ten R&B single in 1971.

Two years later they released their most successful song with, 'It's Forever', which reached number 14.

The EbonysThe Ebonys

the ebonys - 1973 / sing about life - 1976

They also released their first self titled album in 1973, which contained the track 'It's Forever' b/w 'Sexy Ways'.

They then collaborated with writer and producer Dexter Wansel during the mid Seventies.

The Ebony's

Later they recorded for Buddah in 1976 with some success, with only a minor single, 'Making Love Ain't No Fun (Without The One You Love) Pts 1&2' (number 83 R&B), making the charts.

They released the album 'Sing About Life' for Buddah in 1976.

The Ebonys

Real Player


The Ebony's (Philadelphia International Records 1973)

Sing About Life (Buddah Records 1973)

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