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denise lasalle

Denise LaSalle

b. Ora Denise Allen, 16th July 1939, Sidon, Mississippi, U.S.A.

d. 8th January 2018, Jackson, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Denise LaSalle was a  R&B/soul singer, songwriter, and record producer.

More recently, she was given to title of the ‘Queen of the Blues’, following the passing of Koko Taylor.

Born in Missippi, Denise sang in her local church choir.

She relocated to Chicago in the Sixties.

Denise LaSalleDenise LaSalle

a love reputation b/w one little thing - 1966 / count down (and fly me to the moon) b/w a promise is a promise - 1968

Denise earned a recording contract with Chess Records in 1967.

Denise LaSalle

A year earlier she released a debut single, entitled ‘A Love Reputation’ for the Tarpon imprint.

Denise and her husband, Bill Jones, then set up her own production company called Crajon.

Denise LaSalleDenise LaSalle

trapped in a thing called love - 1972 / on the loose - 1972

In 1971, she released the single ‘Trapped By A Thing Called Love’ for the Westbound imprint.

The single reached number one on the national R&B chart and number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

‘Trapped By A Thing Called Love’ went on to rank at number 85 on the 1971 chart, and was awarded a RIAA gold disc award for a million units sold.

Denise released further sides, including ‘Now Run And Tell That’ and ‘Man Sized Job’.

She recorded at the Hi recording studios in Memphis with Willie Mitchell.

Denise signed to ABC Records in the Seventies.

She released further singles, including ‘Love Me Right’.

In the early Eighties, Denise signed to MCA, and then, Malaco Records.

Denise LaSalleDenise LaSalle

i'm so hot - 1980 / lady in the street - 1983

She released the album ‘I'm So Hot’ in 1980 (the title track being popular amongst U.K. Soul fans).



‘Lady in the Street’ followed in 1983 (featuring ‘Come To Bed’) and ‘Right Place, Right Time’ in 1984.

In 1985, she climbed the UK Singles Chart, when her cover version of Rockin' Sidney's ‘My Toot Toot’.

The song reached number 6 in the U.K. charts.

Denise appeared at the 1984 and 1993 stages of the Long Beach Blues Festival.

Denise LaSalle

In 1993, she performed at the San Francisco Blues Festival.

In 1997, she released the album ‘Smokin' In Bed’.

Denise then recorded three albums for the Ecko imprint.

She returned to Malaco Records for the 2010album ’24 Hour Woman’.

More recently, Denise recorded Gospel material.

In 2011, she was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Denise opened a restaurant called Blues Legend Café for a while, however, the establishment closed recently.

In 2014, she was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the 'Soul Blues Female Artist' category.

In 2015, Denise was inducted into the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame.

Denise died in 2018 following complications from heart issues.

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Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Westbound Records 1972)

On The Loose (Westbound Records 1973)

Here I Am Again (Westbound Records 1975)

Second Breath (ABC/Dot Records 1976)

The Bitch Is Bad (ABC Records 1977)

Under The Influence (ABC Records 1978)

Unwrapped (MCA Records 1979)

I'm So Hot (MCA Records 1980)

And Satisfaction Guaranteed (MCA Records 1981)

A Lady In The Streets (Malaco Records 1983)

Right Place, Right Time (Malaco Records 1984)

Love Talkin' (Malaco Records 1985)

My Toot Toot (Malaco Records 1985)

Rain And Fire (Malaco Records 1986)

It's Lying Time Again (Malaco Records 1987)

Hittin' Where It Hurts (Malaco Records 1988)

Holding Hands With The Blues (Malaco Records 1989)

Still Trapped (Malaco Records 1990)

Smokin' In Bed (Malaco Records 1997)

Still The Queen (Ecko Records Records 2002)

Wanted (Ecko Records Records 2005)

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