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denise lasalle

Denise LaSalle

b. Denise Craig, 16th July 1939, LeFlore County, Mississippi, U.S.A.

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Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Westbound 1972)

On The Loose (Westbound 1973)

Here I Am Again (Westbound 1975)

Second Breath (ABC/Dot 1976)

The Bitch Is Bad (ABC 1977)

Under The Influence (ABC 1978)

Unwrapped (MCA 1979)

I'm So Hot (MCA 1980)

And Satisfaction Guaranteed (MCA 1981)

A Lady In The Streets (Malaco 1983)

Right Place, Right Time (Malaco 1984)

Love Talkin' (Malaco 1985)

My Toot Toot (Malaco 1985)

Rain And Fire (Malaco 1986)

It's Lying Time Again (Malaco 1987)

Hittin' Where It Hurts (Malaco 1988)

Holding Hands With The Blues (Malaco 1989)

Still Trapped (Malaco 1990)

Smokin' In Bed (Malaco 1997)

Still The Queen (Ecko Records 2002)

Wanted (Ecko Records 2005)

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