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deniece williams

Deniece Williams

b. June Deniece Chandler-Williams, 3rd June 1951, Gary, Indiana, U.S.A.

Deniece Williams came to the attention of Soul fans towards the tail end of 1976, with the release of her excellent album, 'This Is Niecy'.

During her childhood, Deniece sang in a Pentecostal Gospel Choir.

Deniece Williams

deniece chandler

By the late 1960's she was recording for the Chicago based Toddlin' Town label under the name of Deniece Chandler.

Deniece Chandler 45Deniece Chandler 45

'Love Is Tears' b/w 'Walking Away' (1968) / 'I Don't Wanna Cry' b/w 'Goodbye Cruel World' (1969)

Her debut 45 was 'Love Is Tears' b/w 'Walking Away' (in 1968), 'Come On Home To Me Baby' b/w 'Shy boy', the ballad, 'I Don't Wanna Cry' b/w 'Goodbye, Cruel World' (Toddlin Town 118) in 1969, 'Mama I Wish I'd Stayed At Home' (in 1970) and, the Barbara Mason song, 'Yes, I'm Ready' b/w 'You've Hurt Me Now' (in 1970).

She also recorded for the Lock imprint at that time.

In addition to her musical activities, Deniece trained for the medical profession as a nurse at Baltimore's Morgan State College.

Spotted by Stevie Wonder she was hired by him, in 1972, joining his Wonderlove vocal backing group.

Deniece added her vocal input to four of the man's albums before departing that stable in order to pursue a solo career.

Deniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece Williams

this is niecy - 1976 / song bird - 1977 / that's what friends are for - 1978 / when love comes calling - 1979

Signing to Columbia, she released, the aforementioned, 'This Is Niecy', an album produced by Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, for his Kalimba imprint.

The album included the U.K. hits 'That's What Friends Are For' and the number 1 song 'Free' (part penned by ex Supreme Susaye Green) which was later revived in 1990 by British group BEF for their 'Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol II' album of cover versions.

Deniece Williams

In 1977, the album 'Song Bird' was released, and featured the number 13 single 'Baby, Baby My Love's All for You.'

The following year, Deniece teamed up with Johnny Mathis for the ballad 'Too Much, Too Little, Too Late'.

This was followed by an album of duets by the couple entitled, 'That's What Friends Are For'.

Deniece then relocated to Maurice White's own label, ARC, for two releases.

Deniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece Williams

my melody - 1981 / niecy - 1982 / i'm so proud - 1983 / let's hear it for the boy - 1984

In 1981, 'My Melody' contained the ballad 'Silly' and 'It's Your Conscience', which were highly popular amongst Soul fans.

She then recorded her own version of the 1965 song 'It's Gonna Take A Miracle', produced by Thom Bell, returning her to the U.S. Top 10 in 1982 (taken from the album 'Niecy' on CBS).

1983 saw the release of the album 'I'm So Proud', the set being produced by the Fusion artist George Duke.

Deniece then recorded the song, 'Let's Hear It For The Boy', a track originally made for the soundtrack of the 1984 film 'Footloose', the song topping the charts that year.

Deniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece Williams

hot on the trail - 1986 / so glad i know - 1986 / water under the bridge - 1987 / as good as it gets - 1988

Deniece left secular music from time to time, appealing mainly to the R & B audience's.

In 1988 she released her first gospel album for Sparrow ('So Glad I Know') and released the secular 'As Good As It Gets' (the track 'All I Need' being popular amongst the purists).

Deniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece WilliamsDeniece Williams

special love - 1989 / lullabies to dreamland - 1991 / love solves it all - 1996 / great is thy faithfullness - 1996

By 2007, Deniece had signed to the Shanachie label and released an album of cover versions including her own song 'Cause You Love Me Baby', a reworking of the song from the album 'This Is Niecy'.

She also collaborated with Stevie Wonder again on that set.

During the last few months of 2006, Deniece was part of the David Guest showcase of Soul Artists in London.

Deniece WilliamsDeniece Williams

this is my song - 1998 / love, niecy style - 2007

Deniece Williams is an excellent songwriter.

Her compositions have been recorded by Merry Clayton, the Emotions, the Whispers, Frankie Valli amongst others, sung backgrounds for Howard Hewett, George Duke, Roberta Flack and Gene Harris.

Deniece Williams

Real Player


This Is Niecy (Columbia Records 1976)

Songbird (Columbia Records 1977)

with Johnny Mathis: That's What Friends Are For (Columbia Records 1978)

When Love Comes Calling (CBS Records 1979)

My Melody (American Recording Company - ARC Records 1981)

Niecy (American Recording Company - ARC Records 1982)

I'm So Proud (Columbia Records 1983)

Let's Hear It For The Boy (Columbia Records 1984)

Hot On The Trail (Columbia Records 1986)

So Glad I Know (Sparrow Records 1986)

Water Under The Bridge (Columbia Records 1987)

As Good As It Gets (Columbia Records 1988)

Special Love (MCA Records 1989)

From The Beginning (Sparrow Records 1990)

Lullabies to Dreamland (Everland Entertainment Records 1991)

Love Solves It All (P.A.R. Records 1996)

Great Is thy Faithfulness (P.A.R. Records 1996)

This Is My Song (Harmony Records 1998)

Love, Niecy Style (Shanachie Records 2007)

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