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della reese

Della Reese

b. Delloreese Patricia Early, 6th July 1931, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Della Reese began her career in the 1950s as a gospel, pop and jazz singer.

She, later, became an actress, singer, game show panelist during the 1970's.

Della ReeseDella ReeseDella ReeseDella Reese

melancholy baby - 1957 / the story of the blues - 1958 / and that reminds me - 1959 / della - 1960

Della ReeseDella ReeseDella ReeseDella Reese

special delivery - 1961 / i like it like dat! - 1965 / i gotta be me...this trip out - 1968 / let me in your life - 1973

Real Player


The History Of The Blues (London Records 1959)

DeIla (RCA Records 1960)

Della Della Cha-Cha-Cha (RCA Records 1960)

Special Delivery (RCA Records 1961)

The Classic Della (RCA Records 1962)

Della On Stage (RCA Records 1962)

Waltz With Me Della (RCA Records 1964)

At Basin Street East (RCA Records 1965)

Moody (RCA Records 1965)

C'mon And Hear It (HMV Records 1965)

I Like It Like Dat (HMV Records 1966)

Della Reese Live (ABC Records 1966)

One More Time (HMV Records 1967)

Let Me Into Your Life (RCA Records 1975)

The Classical Della (RCA Records 1980)

Della By Starlight (RCA Records 1982)

Sure Like Lovin' You (President Records 1985)

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