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dee dee sharp-gamble

Dee Dee Sharpe-Gamble

b. Dione LaRue, 9th September 1945, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Dee Dee Sharp began her career singing background vocals for other Cameo Parkway artists.

As a youngster, Dee Dee began singing in church as a member of her grandfathers choir.

She collaborated with the singer Chubby Checker, on several of his sides.

Dee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-Gamble

it's mashed potato time - 1962 / all the hits - 1962 / songs of faith - 1962 / down to earth - 1962

These included 'Slow Twistin' b/w 'La Paloma Twist', 'Mashed Potato Time' b/w 'Set My Heart At Ease', 'Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)' b/w 'Baby Cakes', 'Ride' b/w 'The Night' and 'Do the Bird' b/w 'Lover Boy '.

'Do the Bird' reached number 46 on the U.K. Singles Chart.

Later releases included, 'Standing In The Need Of Love' b/w 'I Really Love You' (in 1965) and 'It's A Funny Situation b/w 'There Ain't Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You' (in 1966).

Dee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-Gamble

do the bird - 1963 / all the hits - 1963 / down memory lane - 1963 / happy about the whole thing - 1975

In 1967, she married record producer Kenny Gamble.

In 1975 she signed to the Philadelphia International label.

At Philadelphia International, Dee Dee's career went through a renaissance, releasing three albums for the label and it's subsidiaries.

Dee Dee Sharpe-GambleDee Dee Sharpe-Gamble

what color is love - 1977 / dee dee - 1980

These albums were 'Happy Bout The Whole Thing' (featuring 'Touch My Life'), 'What Colour s Love' (featuring 'I Believe In Love') and Dee Dee (featuring 'I Love You Anyway').

The albums were recorded under the name of Dee Dee Sharp Gamble.

Kenny and Dee Dee were later to divorce.

In 1980 she enjoyed success with 'Breaking and Entering' b/w 'Easy Money', taken from her album 'Dee Dee'.

These days, Dee Dee has traveled to the UK for Northern Soul Shows, and has performed at the 2008 Detroit Jazz Festival.

Dee Dee remarried to Bill Witherspoon, and now live in Medford, New Jersey.

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It's Mashed Potato Time (Cameo Parkway Records 1962)

Songs Of Faith (Cameo Parkway Records 1962)

with Chubby Checker:

Down To Earth (Cameo Parkway Records 1962)


Do The Bird (Cameo Parkway Records 1963)

All The Hits (Cameo Parkway Records 1963)

Down Memory Lane (Cameo Parkway Records 1963)

Happy Bout The Whole Thing (TSOP Records 1975)

What Color Is Love (Philadelphia International Records 1977)

Dee Dee (Philadelphia International Records 1980)

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