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david sea

David Sea

b. David Sea, Birmingham, Alamaba, U.S.A.

David Sea comes from Birmingham, Alabama.

He became lead singer with his family's gospel group before forming David Sea & The Question Marks in 1970.

Later they changed their name to David Sea & The Uptown Movement, basically a rock & roll group.

As solo soul singer he initially recorded for the Hy-Tyde label, releasing singles including 'Angel' and 'Destiny' in the early '80's.

In 1984, he switched to the Crown Limited label for the Roscoe Robinson produced 'Do It Right Now' and 'Who's Been Warming My Oven' before coming close to replacing Dennis Edwards in The Temptations.

David chose to remain with his solo career.

His releases for Magic City Records continued with 'Night After Night' and albums 'David Sea' (1986), including 'I'm In The Mood' and 'Love C. O. D', and 'An Ocean Apart' (1990).

These were followed by 'Bed Of Sea' in 1994 (a compilation of tracks from 'An Ocean Apart' and 'Born To Sing') and 'Searching For Love' in 1995.

David's most recent release is 'Groove Mission' on JVC from 1996.

David is currently touring with Dennis Edwards and the other Temptations as the 'Temptations Review' with a CD release by the guys entitled 'Live At Casino San Pablo' from a few years ago.

Love Makes The World Go Round

The tail end of 2006 saw a new album entitled 'Love Makes The World Go Round' for the Park Place imprint.

Thanks to Andrew Hampton for assisting with information here.

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David Sea (Magic City Records 1986)

An Ocean Apart (Magic City Records 1990)

Born To Sing (Magic City Records 1991)

Bed Of Sea (Magic City Records 1994)

Searching For Love (Magic City Records 1995)

Groove Mission (JVC Records Records 1996)

Love Makes The World Go Round (Park Place Records 2006)

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