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david peaston

David Peaston

b. David Peaston, 13th March 1957, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

d. 1st February 2012, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

One of the great mysteries of the late Eighties and Early Nineties was how this singer never grabbed a firm foothold on the soul music scene.

From St Louis, David Peaston's mother is Martha Bass, one of The Clara Ward Singers.

His older sister is Fontella Bass.

From The Root

from the root to the source - 1980

David initially began a career as a school teacher, but after a staff layoff in 1981 he moved to New York, where he took up session work as a singer and auditioned for a gospel musical 'Don't Get God Started'.

Alongside four hundred hopefuls, he also auditioned for the infamous talent contest at the Apollo in Harlem.

He sang thirty seconds of 'God Bless The Child' (which he first sang at a funeral) and instantly qualified.

In 1988, he began winning TV audiences on the televised 'Showtime At The Apollo'.

IntroducingMixed Emotions

introducing david peaston - 1989 / mixed emotions - 1991

The result was a deal with Geffen Records and his 1989 album 'Introducing David Peaston', including 'Two Wrongs (Don't Make it Right)', 'Don't Say No' and the Vee Allen song, 'Can l?'.

The same year he made his London concert debut supported by Gerald Alston, and also toured in the USA with Gladys Knight.

David moved to MCA for the 1991 release 'Mixed Emotions', including 'Luxury Of Love'.

In 1993, he recorded a gospel album with his mother entitled 'Promises: A Family Portrait Of Faith'.

In December of 2000, David performed a Nativity Concert in Italy alongside Fontella Bass (David is her nephew). David's mother is Martha Bass, Fontella's sister.

In 2006, he returned to music with his album, 'Song Book: Songs of Soul & Inspiration'.

The album featured eight new tracks by the singer.

David died from complications of diabetes on the 1st of February 2012 at the age of 54.

very many thanks to Peppo Nasoni from Italy, for his contribution to this page

David PeastonDavid Peaston

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From The Roots To The Source (Soul Note Records 1980)

Introducing David Peaston (Geffen Records 1989)

Mixed Emotions (MCA Records 1991)

Promises: A Family Portrait Of Faith (Sparrow Records 1993)

Song Book: Songs of Soul & Inspiration (Sparrow Records 2006)

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