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david grant

David Grant

b. David Beresford Grant, 8th August 1956, Hackney, East London, England.

David Grant is an English pop singer, celebrity and vocal coach.

He was part of the U.K. Soul group, Linx, who had a hit with the song 'You're Lying' in 1980.

Their biggest hit was 'Intuition' in 1983.

David GrantDavid GrantDavid GrantDavid Grant

david grant - 1983 / hopes and dreams - 1985 / change - 1987 / anxious edge - 1990

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David Grant (Chrysalis Records 1983)

Hopes & Dreams (Chrysalis Records 1985)

Change (Polydor Records 1987)

Anxious Edge (4th & Broadway Records 1990)

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