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damian dame

Damian Dame

Damian Dame comprised of:

Deah Dame (Debra Jean Hurd) b. 20th September, 1958, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

d. 27th June 1994, U.S.A.


Damian (Bruce Edward Broadus) d. 13th September, 1966, Marshall, Michigan, U.S.A.

d. 27th June 1996, U.S.A.

Damian Dame were the first act on the LaFace / Arista record label in 1991.

Deah Dame was the lyricist and Damian wrote the music.

Deah Dame was raised in San Jose California. She last resided in Atlanta Georgia.

She sang in the choir with her older sisters and at the age of 18 she toured with her older sister and brother in-laws band.

Prior to Damian Dame, she was no stranger to the music business, she had a self titled album 'Debra Hurd', on Geffen Records in 1983.

Deah originally was going to be a solo act but after Damian heard her voice on a demo tape from another musician he approached her.

Damian was born Bruce Edward Broadus on 13th September 1966 in Marshall Michigan.

He was later raised in Battle Creek and last resided in Atlanta Georgia.

Damian taught himself the piano at the age of nine, through a cousin who played in, gospel singer, Andre Crouch's band.

He and Deah also has a track on the soundtrack 'Boomerang' entitled 'Reversal Of A Dog'.

A year after they met they met in Los Angeles, they signed with LaFace records, and then moved to Geogia, formed the duo Damian Dame and put out their self titled album.

A second album was scheduled when Deah's life was cut short by a fatal automobile collision on 27th June, 1994. She was 35 years old.

In 1995 Damian moved on and put out a solo album called 'Damian 199sex', on Chip Records and H & H Productions.

Things took a tragic turn for the worse when Damian passed away on 27th June, 1996 of colon cancer, only days after his solo album was released.

Even more peculiar was that Damian passed away the same day that Deah passed away, two years apart, and they were born seven days apart.

Damian Dame

Note: Some of the texts contained on the page are used by the kind permission of Lady Richards, whose website has an excellent section dedicated to the memories Deah Dame and Damian. We very much appreciate Lady Richards permission and input. You can check her site if you click here.

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Damian Dame (LaFace Records 1991)

solo - Damian: Damian 199sex (Chip Records 1995)

solo - Deah: Debra Hurd (Geffen Records 1983)

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