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d.c. larue

D.C. Larue

b. David Charles L'Heureux, 26th April 1948, Meriden, Connecticut, U.S.A.

D.C. Larue is a songwriter and instrumentalist.He emerged in the mid-70's with a series of heavily orchestrated, disco-orientated instrumentals with vocal refrains.

From these he is best remembered for the 1976 Roulette release (Pye in the UK) ''Ca-The-Drals', although it wasn't a chart success.

The track was released on a 45 in the U.K. with the full length album version on the flip.

In 1978 a more vocal orientated track 'Let Them Dance' was issued from 'Confessions' (Pye in the UK again).

D.C.'s track 'You Can Always Tell A Lady (By The Company She Keeps)' was featured in the movie 'Thank God It's Friday'.

Real Player


Ca-the-drals (Pyramid Records 1976)

Tea Dance (Pyramid Records 1977)

Forces of the Night (Casablanca Records 1979)

Confessions (Casablanca Records 1980)

Star Baby (Casablanca Records 1981)

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