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clifford curry

Clifford Curry

b. Clifford Curry Jr., 3rd November 1936, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 6th September 2016, Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Clifford hailed from Chicago, Illinois.

Born in 1936, he spent his non-curricular time performing in several groups.

Clifford attended grade school at Lyon’s Elementary, going on to attend Austin High School in Knoxville.

Five Pennies

the five pennies - 1956 (clifford: centre top, in front of him: Charles Holloway, front l to r: James Myers, Herbert Myers and John Myers)

He was a member of the groups:

The Echoes (who comprised of: Benjamin Washington, Charles Holloway, John Myers, Herbert Myers, James Myers & Clifford).

The Five Pennies (who comprised of: Benjamin Washington, Charles Holloway, John Myers, Herbert Myers, James Myers and Clifford).

The Bingo's (who comprised of: Willie Earl Drummond, Mickey Prater, Clayton Whittington and Veste Huddleston and Clifford).



The Bubba Suggs Band (who Clifford was a member of between 1959 and 1963).

John Myers was a member of the Sixties group Hearts Of Stone.

Clifford embarked on a solo career in the mid-1960’s.

In 1963, he recorded under the name of Sweet Clifford, for the Excello Records imprint, releasing 'Just A Lonely Boy' b/w 'Baby! Just What Is Wrong' and 'Things Gotta Get Better' b/w 'Baby, Kiss Me Again' that year.

Clifford went on to work with the groups:

The Fabulous Six (who comprised of Louie Guy, Dewey Guy, Bob Adams, Jerry Johnson and Wayne Cronin and Clifford)


The Contenders (who comprised of: Luey Guy, Duey Guy, Bob Adams, Jerry Johnson and Wayne Cronin and Clifford).

Clifford CurryClifford Curry

kiss, kiss kiss b/w crazy for you -1964 / she shot a hole in my soul b/w we're gonna hate ourselves in the morning - 1967

It was in 1967 that he scored his biggest hit, the Buzz Cason produced, ‘She Shot A Hole In My Soul’, which Buzz produced on his own label Elf Records.

He co-founded The Notations in the late 1960's.

The group's 1971 line up featured LaSalle Matthews, Bobby Thomas, Jimmy Stroud and Clifford.

With Clifford, the Notations released 'I Can't Stop' b/w 'I'm Still Here', 'At The Crossroads' b/w 'A New Day' and 'Just You And Me' b/w 'I've Been Trying' that year.

He remained in Nashville for several years, performing and writing songs, before returning to Knoxville.

During the Seventies, Clifford recorded sides for the Buddah, SSL International, Caprice and Abbott imprints.

Clifford penned songs for the Oak Ridge Boys (‘He's Gonna Smile on Me’) and soul singer Ann Sexton, amongst others.

He became known as ‘The King Of Beach Music’ on the Carolina Beach Music scene.

Clifford became inducted into the Beach Music Hall of Fame in 1995.

In 1997, he released the album ‘Tennessee R&B Live’, which featured Earl Gaines and Roscoe Shelton.

He also sang with Faye Adams on her number one R&B hit ‘Shake a Hand’ in 1953.

Clifford passed away in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee at the age of 79.

Funeral arrangements are unknown at this time.

Clifford Curry

she shot a hole in my soul again - 2002

Real Player

She Shot A Hole In My Soul Again (Woodshed Records 2002)

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