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chuck mangione

Chuck Mangione

b. Chuck Frank Mangione, 29th November, 1940, Rochester, New York, U.S.A.

Chuck Frank Mangione was born in Rochester, New York, in 1940.

Chuck began his career as a trumpeter in the mid' 60's with Maynard Ferguson and Art Blakey.

As one of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers he was also joined by his pianist brother Gap Mangione.

His father had often taken Chuck and his older brother Gap (a keyboardist) out to see jazz concerts and Dizzy Gillespie was a family friend.

Chuck studied at the Eastman School of Music, where he later became a teacher, with one of his protoges being Jeff Tyzik.

In 1968, Mangione formed a quartet that also featured Gerry Niewood on tenor and soprano.

They recorded a set for Mercury in 1972 but otherwise Mangione's recordings in the 1970's generally used large orchestras and vocalists (including Esther Satterfield).

At Mercury, Chuck's albums included 'Land Of Make Believe' before a switch to A & M for 'Bellavia' in 1976.

In 1977 he created interest on the UK jazz funk scene with the instrumental 'Feels So Good'.

Further albums included 'Fun And Games' in 1980, which was released at A & M before he switched to CBS in 1982 for 'Love Notes'.

In the 1970's Chuck Mangione recorded for Mercury and A & M in the 1980's.

A 1997 comeback tour found him in good form, following a reunion with his 'Feels So Good' band.

'The Feeling's Back' followed in 1999.

Perhaps his most sought after track, amongst soul fans, is his tune 'Do You Ever Think About Me?', taken from his 1988 album 'Eyes Of The Veiled Temptress'.

Real Player


The Jazz Brothers (Milestone / OJC 1960)

Hey Baby! (Riverside / OJC 1961)

Spring Fever (Original Jazz 1961)

Recuerdo (Jazzland / OJC 1962)

Friends and Love...A Chuck Mangione Concert [live] (Mercury 1970)

Chuck Mangione Quartet (Mercury 1972)

Alive! (Mercury 1972)

Together (Mercury 1973)

Land of Make Believe (Mercury 1973)

Bellavia (A & M 1975)

Encore (Mercury 1975)

Chase the Clouds Away (A&M 1975)

Main Squeeze (A&M 1976)

Feels So Good (A&M 1977)

An Evening of Magic, Live at the Hollywood... (A & M 1978)

70 Miles Young (A & M 1978)

Children of Sanchez (A & M 1978)

Fun and Games (A & M 1979)

Tarantella (A & M 1980)

Love Notes (Columbia 1982)Journey to a Rainbow (Columbia 1983)Disguise (Columbia 1984)

Save Tonight for Me (Columbia 1986)

Live at the Village Gate (Feels So Good 1987)

Eyes of the Veiled Temptress (Columbia 1988)Encore: Mangione Concerts [live] (Mercury 1991)

Live at the Village Gate, Vol. 2 (Pro Arte 1995)

The Feeling's Back (Chesky 1999)

Everything for Love (Chesky 2000)

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