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cedar walton

Cedar Walton

b. Cedar Anthony Walton, Jr., 17th January 1934, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

d. 19th August 2013, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

Cedar Walton was born in Dallas, Texas and was first taught piano by his mother.

He attended university in Denver before moving to New York.

In 1955 he was drafted into the Army.

Stationed in Germany, Cedar played with American musicians Leo Wright, Don Ellis, and Eddie Harris.

After his discharge, Cedar moved back to New York, where he resumed his career.

Here, in 1965, he joined Art Blakey's group The Jazz Messengers with whom he played through to the mid-70's.

Cedar WaltonCedar Walton

soul cycle - 1970 / mobius - 1975

Touring as a solo artist from 1975, he has played Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London every year since 1975.

Cedar WaltonCedar Walton

animation - 1978 / soundscapes - 1980

Recording for CBS, his albums include 'Animation' (1978) and 'Soundscapes' (1980), the latter including 'Latin America', a latin fusion favourite on the UK jazz funk scene.

'Latin America appearred on a compilation entitled 'Fusion Phew', released on the Elevate label in the U.K. (distributed by Expansion Records).

Cedar Walton was the first pianist to record, in April 1959, with John Coltrane, the tenorist's recording of 'Giant Steps'.

Cedar Walton died on the 19th of August 2013, at his home in Brooklyn, New York.

Cedar Walton

Real Player


Cedar! (Original Jazz Records 1967)

Spectrum (Prestige Records 1968)

The Electic Boogaloo Song (Prestige Records 1969)

Soul Cycle (Original Jazz Records 1969)

Breakthrough (Muse Records 1972)

A Night at Boomer's, Vol. 2 (Muse Records 1973)

A Night at Boomer's, Vol. 1 (Muse Records 1973)

Firm Roots (Muse Records 1974)

Eastern Rebellion, Vol. 1 (Timeless Records 1975)

Mobius (RCA Records 1975)

The Pentagon (Inner City Records 1976)

First Set (Steeple Chase Records 1977)

Second Set [live] (Steeple Chase Records 1977)

Third Set [live] (Steeple Chase Records 1977)

Animation (Columbia Records 1978)

Up Front (Timeless Records 1979)

Soundscapes (Columbia Records 1980)

The Maestro (Muse Records 1980)

Piano Solos (Clean Cuts Records 1981)

Among Friends (Evidence Records 1982)

Eastern Rebellion, Vol. 4 (Timeless Records 1983)

Cedar Walton - Ron Carter - Jack DeJohnette (Limetree Records 1983)

The Trio, Vol. 2 (Red Records 1985)

The Trio, Vol. 1 (Red Records 1985)

The Trio, Vol. 3 (Red Records 1985)

Cedar's Blues [live] (Red Records 1985)

Bluesville Time (Criss Cross Records 1985)

Cedar Walton (Timeless Records 1985)

Blues for Myself (Red Records 1986)

Cedar Walton Plays (Delos Records 1986)

Love Is the Thing (Red Records 1986)

Off Minor (Red Records 1990)

As Long as There's Music (Muse Records 1990)

Cedar (Timeless Records 1990)

My Funny Valentine [Sweet Basil] (Sweet Basil Records 1991)

Standard Album (HiBrite Records 1991)

Easy Does It (Discovery Records 1992)

Live at Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Vol. 25 (Concord Jazz Records 1992)

Manhattan Afternoon (Criss Cross Records 1992)

Art Blakey Legacy [live] (Evidence Records 1993)

Live at Yoshi's (Monarch Records 1995)

Ironclad: Live at Yoshi's (Monarch Records 1995)

My Funny Valentine [Evidence] (Evidence Records 1995)

Composer (Astor Place Records 1996)

Roots (Astor Place Records 1997)

You're My Everything (Evidence Records 1997)

Naima - Recorded Live at Boomer's NYC (32 Jazz Records 1998)

Bambino: Cedar Walton Plays Music of Art... [live] (Evidence Records 1998)

Three Sundays in the Seventies/Live at the... (Label M. Records 2000)

Promise Land (High Note Records 2001)

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