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cassandra wilson

Cassandra Wilson

b. Cassandra Wilson, 4th December 1955, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Cassandra Wilson has, throughout the Eighties and Nineties, carved herself a reputation which has led to her being described as the greatest living jazz vocalist by some jazz journalists and pundits.

She resided for a year in New Orleans before relocating to New York in 1982.

Here Cassandra began working with Dave Holland and Abbey Lincoln.

After a meeting Steve Coleman, she became the main vocalist with the M-Base Collective.

Cassandra worked with New Air and recorded her first album as a solo artist in 1985, entitled 'Songbook' for the JMT label.

'Point Of View' followed the same year with 'Days Aweigh' seeing a release in 1987.

Cassandra then changed style for an acoustic blues-oriented album for Blue Note entitled 'Blue Light 'Til Dawn'.

During 1997 she toured as part of Wynton Marsalis' 'Blood on the Fields' production.

'Traveling Miles', her tribute to Miles Davis, followed two years later.

'Belly of the Sun' appeared in 2002.

By this time Cassandra had developed a resume that included jazz, blues and soul stylings (the track 'Human' popular amongst soul fans, being a duet with Luther Vandross).

Real Player


Songbook (JMT Records 1985)

Point of View (JMT Records 1985)

Days Aweigh (JMT Records 1987)

Blue Skies (JMT Records 1988)

Jumpworld (JMT Records 1989)

She Who Weeps (JMT Records 1990)

Live (Polygram Records 1991)

After the Beginning Again (Polygram Records 1991)

Dance to the Drums Again (Columbia Records 1992)

Blue Light Til Dawn (Blue Note Records 1993)

New Moon Daughter (Blue Note Records 1995)

Blue Moon Rendezvous (EMI Records 1998)

Travelling Miles (Blue Note Records 1999)

Belly of the Sun (Blue Note Records 2002)

Sings Standards (Verve Records 2002)

Glamoured (Blue Note Records 2003)

Thunderbird (Blue Note Records 2006)

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