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captain sky

Captain Sky

b. Daryl Lonnie Cameron, 10th July 1957, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Captain Sky is the alter ego of Daryl Cameron, a Chicago based, bass player.

He states, on the liner notes of his 'Aventures Of' album, 'Oh, by the way, if you're wondering, Daryl Cameron somehow entered the phonebooth of his mind and emerged as Capatin Sky. tune in again'.

Captain Sky followed a similar fashion in music and clothing to that of Bootsy Collins and George Clinton, with the band describing their groups music as 'I Beta Funk'.

Under the name of Captain Sky, Daryl assembled a large group Chicago based musicians and embarked on a recording career in 1979.

Captain SkyCaptain SkyCaptain SkyCaptain Sky

the adventures of captain sky - 1978 / pop goes the captain - 1979 / concerned party no. 1 - 1980 / the return of captain sky - 1981

Signing to AVI Records, 'The Captain' released two albums that year, entitled 'Pop Goes The Captain' and 'The Aventures Of Captain Sky'.

The former album featured Elmer Brown of Earth, Wind & Fire.

The latter album featured the single 'Dr. Rock' and the popular 'Wonder Worm'.

By 1980, The Captain had moved his entourage on to TEC Records.

The resulting album, 'Concerned Party No.1', featured 40 musicians and the background vocal talents of, fellow Chicago residents, Heaven & Earth.

By this time, Daryl had turned the 'play on words' song titles into an art form highlighted by the infectious 'Bubble Gum (I Chewz You)'.

A final album, entitled 'The Return Of Captain Sky' was released in 1981 on the AVI label.

Moving on to WMOT Records in later 1981, The Captain turned to releasing twelve inch singles solely.

'Station Brake' was released that year and was written by Daryl and mixed by the legendary producer Nick Martinelli.

Daryl then relocated The Captain to Philly World Records, in 1982, for a three track 12" which featured his version of the Buddy Miles tune 'Them Changes', along with 'Don't Touch That Dial' and another excellent cover version of Bloodstone's 'Natural High'.

Martinelli's mixing was featured on this release, additionally.

A final 12" release came in 1988, along with another label move to Triple T Records.

The twelve 'You Bring Me Up' picked up on the emerging House Music sound, with various mixes including a 'House' version.

The Captain has several new releases into the new millennium.

Captain Sky

Captain Sky

all of the above - 2022

Real Player


Pop Goes The Captain (AVI Records 1979)

The Adventures Of Captain Sky (AVI Records 1979)

Concerned Party No.1 (TEC Records 1980)

The Return Of Captain Sky (AVI Records 1981)

All Of The Above (Creative Conceptz Entertainment Records 2022)

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