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the brecker brothers

Brecker Brothers

Randy Brecker (b. Randal Edward Brecker, 27th November 1945, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)


Michael Brecker (b. Michael Leonard Brecker, 29th March 1949, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., d. 13th January 2007, New York City, New York, U.S.A.)

The Brecker Brothers comprised of two brothers, Michael and Randy, who, as a jazz fusion duo throughout the Seventies and Eighties, became a much in demand pair of session performers, as well as artists in their own right.

Michael Brecker was a highly accomplished saxophonist and flautist.

Randy Brecker is accomplished on the trumpet and flugelhorn.

Randy first became famous as an original member of the group Blood, Sweat & Tears.

In 1968, he played on the group’s debut album ‘Child Is Father to the Man’.

Brecker BrothersBrecker BrothersBrecker BrothersBrecker Brothers

brecker brothers - 1975 / back to back - 1976 / don't stop the music - 1977 / heavy metal be-bop - 1978

Michael and Randy signed to the Arista Records imprint in 1975, releasing a self titled debut album that year.

Featured on the album is a jazz funk favourite in ‘Sneakin' Up Behind You’, which was popular both sides of the Atlantic.

In 1976, they released a follow up album entitled ‘Back To Back’, which was followed a year later by ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ (featuring ‘Finger Lickin' Good’).

The duo released three further albums for the Arista imprint, namely ‘Heavy Metal Be-Bop’ (in 1978), ‘Detente’ (featuring ‘You Left Something Behind’ in 1980) and ‘Straphangin’ (in 1981).

The Brothers achieved a hit single with ‘East River’, taken from their 1978 album ‘Heavy Metal Be-Bop’, which reached number 34 on the U.K. Singles Chart.

In the late Seventies, the brothers toured as members of Frank Zappa's band.

Brecker BrothersBrecker BrothersBrecker BrothersBrecker Brothers

detente - 1980 / straphangin' - 1981 / return of the brecker brothers - 1992 / out of the loop - 1994

They took a break from recording in 1981, and switched labels to, initially, the Jazz Door imprint in 1991, and then GRP Records in 1992.

In addition to recording their own albums, the Breckers frequently played together as session musicians on albums by many other artists.

They were heard on Todd Rundgren's hit ‘Hello It's Me’ (from ‘Something/Anything’) which reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1972.

They played on Parliament's 1976 album ‘Mothership Connection’ and played with the Japanese fusion ensemble, Casiopea.

Michael Brecker sadly died from leukemia in January 2007.

Randy Brecker was married to Eliane Elias, with whom he has a daughter, named Amanda Elias Brecker.

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The Brecker Brothers (Arista Records 1975)

Back To Back (Arista Records 1976)

Don't Stop The Music (Arista Records 1977)

Heavy Metal Be-Bop (Arista Records 1978)

Detente (Arista Records 1980)

Straphangin' (Arista Records 1981)

Return Of The Brecker Brothers (GRP Records 1992)

Out Of The Loop (GRP Records 1994)

Electric Jazz Fusion (Lamey Records 1999)

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