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booker t newbury III

Booker Newbury III

b. Booker Taliaferro Newberry III, 19th January 1956, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A, d. 5th April 2023, U.S.A.

Booker Newbury III hails from Youngstown, Ohio.

His parents were members of the Wings Over Jordan gospel choir.

Booker began performing in his own group, Mystic Nights, during 1971.

Relocating to Philadelphia, Booker formed the R&B group, Sweet Thunder.

Sweet Thunder

sweet thunder

Signing with the WMOT imprint, the group reached the Top 40 with the song 'Baby, I Need Your Love Today’ b/w ‘I Don't Care What You Say’.

Sweet Thunder released three albums for WMOT Records, and featured Booker, drummer John Aaron, bassist Rudell Alexander, and guitarist Charles Buie.

These included 'Above The Clouds' (in 1976), 'Sweet Thunder' (in 1978) and 'Horizons' (in 1979).

The group’s single, ‘I Leave You Stronger’, reached number 63 on the R&B charts in 1979.

Booker Newbury III

Sweet Thunder disbanded in 1979 and Booker sang some sessions for the WMOT band, Impact.

Impact released the tracks ‘Give a Broken Heart a Break' b/w ‘Love Attack’, ‘Winning Combination’ b/w ‘One Last Memory’ and 'Rainy Days Stormy Nights’ b/w ‘Carry Me Back’.

In 1982, Booker went solo again and released a 12” single on Buzz International Records, entitled ‘I Get Romantic’.

In 1983 , Booker signed with the Boardwalk Records imprint.

Booker Newbury III

lovetown - 1984

His debut single for the label, 'Love Town’ b/w ‘Doin' What Comes Naturally’, reached number 6 on the U.K. Top 40.

His follow-up single, 'Teddy Bear', was released shortly afterwards.

In 1984, Booker switched labels to the Malaco imprint.

In 1986, he released 'Take A Piece Of Me' for the Omni label.

Booker recorded a duet with Jean Carne, entitled ‘It Must Be Love'.

Booker Newberry III died in April 2023.

Booker Newbury III

Real Player


Love Town (Boardwalk Records 1984)

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