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bobby freeman

Bobby Freeman

b. Robert Thomas Freeman, 13th June 1940, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

d. 28th January 2017, Anson, Texas, U.S.A.

Bobby Freeman was a record producer, songwriter, Soul and R&B singer.

He is, probably, best well known for the self penned 1958 Top Ten hit ‘Do You Want to Dance’.

Bobby FreemanBobby FreemanBobby FreemanBobby Freeman

do you wanna dance - 1958 / the lovable style of bobby freeman - 1960 / twist - 1962 / c'mon & swim - 1964

Further success followed in 1964, with another Top Ten hit, with the Sylvester Stewart penned dance-craze hit, ‘C’mon and Swim’ (which reached number 5).

Bobby began his recording career at age of 14 with the group The Romancers (whose line-up featured Alvin Thomas, Woodrow Blake, Jimmy Shelbourne and Bobby Freeman).

The group signed to Dooto Records, they recorded two singles, followed by one for the Baytone imprint in 1958 ('You Don't Understand' b/w 'Baby, I Love You So').

He then formed a group called the Vocaleers, and then went on to record ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ b/w ‘Big Fat Woman’, which climbed the Billboard singles chart, reaching number 5.

The song was later covered by Cliff Richard, in the U.K.

Bobby FreemanBobby FreemanBobby FreemanBobby Freeman

get in the swim with bobby freeman - 1964 / bobby freeman and chuck jackson - 1964 / the best of bobby freeman - 1992 / give my heart a break - 2000

In 1972, Bobby released 2 sides for the Avco imprint, under the name of R.B. Freeman.

Bobby recorded for several imprints, including Autumn, Josie, Loma and King Records.

Bobby Freeman

Real Player


Do You Wanna Dance (Collectables Records 1958)

Lovable Style of Bobby Freeman (King Records 1960)

Twist With (Jubilee Records 1962)

C'Mon & S-W-I-M (Autumn Records 1964)

Get in the Swim (Josie Records 1964)

Bobby Freeman & Chuck Jackson (Grand Prix Records 1964)

Best of Bobby Freeman (Sequel Records 1992)

Give My Heart A Break (Ace Records 2000)

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