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bobby brown

Bobby Brown

b. Robert Barisford Brown, 5th February 1969, Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Bobby Brown hails from Massachusetts, and is an R&B singer-songwriter.

He was one of eight children, to his parents Herbert ‘Pops’ (a construction worker) and Carole Brown (a teacher).

As a child, he was brought up in a difficult neighbourhood, which led him to mature very quickly.

Bobby began his musical career as part of the young R&B group New Edition.

The group, originally, were called The Bricks during 1978.

Bobby remained with both incarnations of the group, up until 1986.

At that point, he was seen as a disruptive element within the group, so he was asked if he would leave the line-up.

Bobby BrownBobby BrownBobby BrownBobby Brown

king of stage - 1986 / don't be cruel - 1988 / bobby - 1992 / forever - 1997

Bobby released his debut solo album, ‘King Of Stage’ in 1986 (which featured the single ‘Girlfriend’).

His 1988 follow up, ‘Don't Be Cruel’, contained several hit singles, including ‘My Prerogative’.

After topping both the pop and R&B charts, the album became the best-selling album of 1989.

Bobby sang a track on the second ‘Ghostbusters’ film, pitching in with ‘On Our Own’, which became a top ten single.

He then departed on a World tour to promote his album in 1988, which lasted up until 1991.

Bobby’s next album was entitled ‘Bobby’ in 1992 (which featured ‘Humpin' Around’, ‘Get Away’ and ‘Good Enough’).

He then married the singer, Whitney Houston, who sang on his album.

Bobby met when they both attended the Soul Train Music Awards in 1989.

The couple were later to divorce in 2007, with Whitney Houston receiving custody of their then-14-year-old daughter.

Bobby’s fourth solo album, ‘Forever’, was released in 1997, after which he left MCA Records, and took a break until 2002, when signed to Murder Inc. Records for a short-lived stay.

In 2012, he released his fifth album, ‘The Masterpiece’.

The album reached number 41 on the R&B album chart.

Bobby Brown

carole brown, with whitney houston, and herbert 'pops' brown

Bobby’s parents Carole and Herbert Brown passed away within a year of each other.

Carole Brown passed away in 2011 and Herbert ‘Pops’ Brown passed away in 2012.

Bobby’s struggles with drugs are well documented elsewhere, however, he began a process of recuperation, following the passing of Whitney Houston.

He still is dealing with alcohol addiction.

Bobby played a pivotal role in the emergence of New Jack Swing music.

He has been awarded various American Music Awards and Soul Train Awards.

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King Of Stage (MCA Records 1986)

Don't Be Cruel (MCA Records 1988)

Dance! ... Ya Know It! (MCA Records 1989)

Bobby (MCA Records 1992)

B. Brown Posse (MCA Records 1993)

Remixes N the Key of B (MCA Records 1993)

Forever (MCA Records 1997)

Forever (Featuring Import Bonus Tracks) (MCA Records 2000)

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