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bill doggett

Bill Doggett

b. William Ballard Doggett, 16th February 1916, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

d. 13th November 1996, New York, U.S.A.

Bill Doggett was jazz and rhythm and blues pianist and organist.

He is best remembered for his compositions 'Honky Tonk' and 'Hippy Dippy'.

Bill DoggettBill DoggettBill DoggettBill Doggett

as you desire me - 1957 / swingin' easy - 1958 / hold it! - 1959 / the band with the beat - 1961

Bill DoggettBill DoggettBill DoggettBill Doggett

honky tonk a la mod! - 1966 / honky tonk organ - 1967 / gow doggett - 1985 / the right choice - 1991

Real Player


as Bill Doggett:

Bill Doggett - His Organ And Combo (King Records 1955)

Bill Doggett - His Organ And Combo Vol 2 (King Records 1955)

All Time Christmas Favorites (King Records 1955)

Sentimentally Yours (King Records 1956)

Moondust (King Records 1957)

As You Desire Me (King Records 1957)

Hot Doggett (King Records 1957)

with Earl Bostic:

C'mon And Dance With Earl Bostic (King Records 1957)

as Bill Doggett:

As You Desire (King Records 1958)

A Salute To Ellington (King Records 1958)

Goin' Doggett (King Records 1958)

The Doggett Beat For Dancing Feet (King Records 1958)

Candle Glow (King Records 1958)

Dame Dreaming (King Records 1958)

Everybody Dance To The Honky Tonk (King Records 1958)

Man With A Beat (King Records 1958)

Swingin' Easy (King Records 1959)

Bill Doggett On Tour (King Records 1959)

Dance Awhile With Doggett (King Records 1959)

Bill Doggett Christmas (King Records 1959)

Hold It (King Records 1959)

High And Wide (King Records 1959)

Big City Dance Party (King Records 1959)

Bill Doggett On Tour (King Records 1959)

For Reminiscent Lovers Romantic Songs (King Records 1960)

Back Again With More Bill Doggett (King Records 1960)

Focus On Bill Doggett (King Records 1960)

Bonanza Of 24 Songs (King Records 1960)

The Many Moods Of Bill Doggett (King Records 1963)

American Songs In The Bossa Nova Style (King Records 1963)

Impressions (King Records 1964)

Honky Tonk Popcorn (King Records 1969)

Bill Doggett IV (King Records 1971)

Lionel Hampton Presents Bill Doggett (King Records 1977)

Bill Doggett V (King Records 1978)

Midnight Shows Vol. 9 (King Records 1978)

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