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bill champlin

Bill Champlin

b. William Bradford 'Bill' Champlin, 21st May 1947, Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Bill Champlin is an accomplished singer, songwriter , gutarist and keyboard player.

His career began in the Sixties when, in 1966, he formed a group called The Sons Of Champlin.

The group were a unit for ten years, based in San Francisco, making records that achieved some modest success.

During the later Seventies, Bill became a solo session singer, recording with various artists including Paulinho Da Costa (on his 'Happy People' album), pitching in with the excellent track, 'Seeing Is Believing'.

In 1981, Champlin became a member of Chicago, with whom he has recorded and toured ever since, while releasing the occasional solo album.

Some of these albums were only released in the Far East.

He scored two singles chart entries in 1982 with 'Tonight Tonight' and 'Sara' (taken from the album 'Runaway')

Bill duetted with Patti LaBelle on 'The Last Unbroken Heart' from the soundtrack to the TV series 'Miami Vice' in 1987.

He also sang with Brenda Russell on jazz saxophonist Tom Scott's 'Keep This Love Alive' album in 1991.

Over the years, he has also collaborated with Kenny Loggins.

Real Player


Runaway (Elektra Records 1981)

Burn Down the Night (Turnip The Records 1994)

He Started to Sing (Turnip The Records 1994)

Through It All (Turnip The Records 1996)

Mayday: Bill Champlin Live (Champlin Records 1996)

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