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the astors

The Astors

Formed in Memphis, Tennessee, 1958

The Astors comprised of:

Curtis Johnson (lead / tenor)

Elihue Stanback, (tenor / lead)

Sam (Byrnes) Jones, (baritone / bass)


Richard Harris, (1st / 2nd tenor)

The Astors were formed in 1958 as The Duntinos.

In 1961 they became the Chips, named after their producer, Chips Moman.

As the Chips they recorded two singles at Stax Records

In 1963 they then became the Astors and released eight further singles at Stax, including 'You Make Me Feel So Good' b/w 'As You Can See' (in 1961), 'Just Enough To Hurt Me' b/w 'What Can It Be?' (in 1963), 'Candy' b/w 'I Found Out' (in 1965), 'In The Twilight Zone' b/w 'Mystery Woman' (in 1965) and 'Daddy Didn’t Tell Me' b/w 'More Power To You' (in 1967).

They later released 5 further singles at the Stax subsidiary, Ace Records. 

Eliehue Stanback is also known as Eddie Stanback. 

Astors Newcomers

the astors meet the newcomers - 1996

Real Player


The Astors Meet the Newcomers: (Sweet Soul Records 1996)

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