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arthur prysock

Arthur Prysock

b. Arthur Prysock, 2nd January 1929, Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S.A.

d. 21st June 1997, Hamilton, Bermuda.

Arthur Prysock was the brother of tenor sax player Red Prysock. 

He was best known for his live shows and his baritone vocal delivery, influenced by Billy Eckstine. 

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

i worry about you - 1960 / sings only for you - 1962

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

coast to coast - 1963 / a portrait of - 1963

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

everlasting songs for everlasting lovers - 1964 / intimately yours - 1964

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

in a mood - 1964 / art & soul - 1966

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

mister prysock - 1967 / i must be doing something right - 1968

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

to love or not to love - 1968 / where the soul tree grows - 1969

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

unforgettable - 1970 / arthur prysock - 1970

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

this is my beloved - 1973 / love makes it right - 1974

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

'74 - 1974 / all my life - 1976

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

arthur prysock does it - 1977 / here's to good friends - 1978

Arthur PrysockArthur Prysock

a rockin good way - 1985 / this guys in love with you - 1987

Real Player


Like Who? Like Basie (United Artists Records 1959)

Paul Quinichette (United Artists Records 1960)

Arthur Prysock Sings Only for You (Old Town Records 1961)

Coast to Coast (Old Town Records 1962)

I Worry About You (Old Town Records 1962)

For Basie (Swingville Records 1962)

Basie Reunion (With Buck Clayton) (Swingville Records 1962)

Everlasting songs for Everlasting Lovers (Old Town Records 1964)

Intimately Yours (Old Town Records 1964)

In a Mood (Old Town Records 1964)

Arthur Prysock and Count Basie (Verve Records 1965)

A Double Header with Arthur Prysock (Old Town Records 1965)

Strictly Sentimental (Decca Records 1965)

Showcase (Decca Records 1965)

Art and Soul (Verve Records 1966)

Love Me (Verve Records 1967)

To Love or Not to Love (Verve Records 1967)

Mister Prysock (Verve Records 1967)

I Must Be Doing Something Right (Verve Records 1968)

This Is My Beloved (Verve Records 1968)

Arthur Prysock '74 (Oldtown Records 1973)

Love Makes It Right (Oldtown Records 1974)

All My Life (Polydor Records 1977)

Does It Again (Polydor Records 1978)

Unforgettable (King Records 1978)

Here's to Good Friends (MCA Records 1978)

Rockin' Good Way (Milestone Records 1985)

This Guy's in Love with You (Milestone Records 1986)

Today's Love Songs Tomorrow's (Milestone Records 1987)

Jazz 'Round Midnight: Arthur Prysock (Verve Records 1995)

Here is a fan's listings:

1/Arthur Prysock - Guest Star -G-1476

2/Buddy Johnson - The Savoy Ballroom - JA-25

3/Strictly Sentimental -Decca DL-74581

4/Showcase/Songs That Made Him Famous - Decca DL-74628

5/I Worry About You - Old Town OT LP-102

6/Only For you - Old Town OT LP-2004

7/Coast to Coast -Old town LP-2005

8/A Portrait of Arthur Prysock - Old Town OT LP2006

9/Everlasting Songs For Everlasting Lovers - Old Town LP-2007

10/Intimately Yours - Old Town - LP-2008

11/ A Double Header - Old Town LP-2009

12/Mr. Prysock & Guest - Old Town -2011

13/ In A mood - Old town 2010

14/Arthur Prysock '74 - Old Town OT-73-12001

15/ Loves Makes It Right - Old Town - OT-74-12002

16/All My Lie - Old Town OT-12004

17/Arthur Prysock does It Again - Old Town OT-12005

18/Art and Soul - Verve 6-5009

19/Best of Arthur Prysock - Verve V6-5011

20/Portrait of Arthur Prysock - Verve V-5012

21/Mister Prysock - Verve V-6 - 5014

22/Love Me - Verve V6-5029

23/Best of Arthur Prysock - Vol. 2 V/V6-5038

24/To Love Or Not To Love - Verve V6-5048

25/I Must Be Doing Something Right - Verve V6-5059

26/This Is My Beloved - Verve V6-5070

27/Arthur Prysock/ Count Basie - Verve V6-8646

28/24 Karat Hits - 2-record-set - Verve V-6-650-2

29/ Arthur Prysock - MGM SAD-134

30/Artthur Prysock - MGM SE-4694

31/Unforgettable - King KS-1134

32/ The Country Side of Arthur Prysock - King KSD-1064

33/Where The Soul Trees Grow - KSD-1066

34/The Lord Is My Shepherd - King KSD-1067

35/Fly, My Love - King KS-1088

36/A Rockin' Good Way - Milestone Records

37/This Guy's In Love With you - Milestone Records

38/Today's Love Songs, tomorrow's Blues - Milestones

39/Here's To Good Friends - MCA 3061

40/Silk & Satin - 2-record set, same as 24 Karat Gold - Polydor D02-8901

12-Inch Singles

41/All I need Tonight/When Love is New - 12-inch single

42/Midnight Blue/Midnight Blue - 12-inch single


1/This Is My Beloved - Verve

2/This Guy's In Love With you - Verve

3/Blues Country - King

4/The Best of Arthur Prysock - Milesstones

5/Today's Love Songs, Tomorrow's Blues - Milestone

6/Rockin' good way - Milestones

7/Arthur Prysock - Compact Jazz/Verve

8/Morning noon - Verve

9/Arthur Prysock / Count Basie - Verve

10/Arthur Prysock / Round Midnight - Verve

11/Buddy Johnson 1950-1951 - Classics Label - several songs on the album.

12/Buddy Johnson 1947-1949 - several songs

13/Buddy Johnson 1942-1947 -several songs


1/Goldmine/My song of love

2/I wonder where our love has gone/This Time

3/My mood/Temptation

4/There Will never be another you/Crawdad

5/My Everything/Good Rocking Tonight

And many other singles

Individual songs on LPs

Mister Postman - on LP - Blues That Gave America Soul

Folks Who Live On the hill – on LP A Fine Romance/Jerome Kern Songbook – Verve

Other Side of the Morning - Verve

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