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ann peebles

Ann Peebles

b. Ann Peebles, 27th April 1947, East St. Louis, Illinois, U.S.A. 

Ann PeeblesAnn Peebles

this is ann peebles - 1969 / straight from the heart - 1971

Ann PeeblesAnn Peebles

part time love - 1971 / i can't stand the rain - 1974

Ann PeeblesAnn Peebles

tellin' it - 1975 / if this is heaven - 1977

Ann PeeblesAnn Peebles

the handwriting is on the wall - 1978 / call me - 1989

Ann PeeblesAnn Peebles

full time love - 1992 / fill this world with love - 1996

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This Is Ann Peebles (Hi Records 1969)

Straight (Hi Records 1970)

Part Time Love (Hi Records 1971)

Straight From The Heart (Hi Records 1972)

I Can't Stand The Rain (Hi Records 1974)

TelIin 'It (Hi Records 1975)

If This Is Heaven (Hi Records 1977)

The Handwriting On The Wall (Hi Records 1978)

Call Me (Waylo Records 1989)

Lookin' For A Lovin' (Hi Records 1990)

Full Time Love (Rounder/Bullseye Records 1992)

Flipside (Hi Records 1995)

Fill This World With Love (Bullseye Records 1996)

Call Me (Waylo Records 1999)

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